Random Blue Screen Crashes PC

  Jackson Brown 17:51 30 Jan 2018

So I like to think I'm relatively tech savvy up until a certain point, but this problem is beyond me and I'm losing my mind from it. My computer has been working fine up until a certain point and now suddenly it has decided to randomly start crashing at any given moment by showcasing the screen shown here.

Now I'd been going back and forth for a while trying to determine the issue as originally this error screen was your standard affair with no glitches to it. I regret that I cannot recall the specific error message but for some reason I'm remembering something relating to dogs? (Not sure. Watchhound or something.)

Either way it eventually directed me to DriverEasy, small piece of software that updated my drivers when required, and I eventually found that crashes akin to this are sometimes in relation to outdated drivers for particular attached devices, and I have a device thats always automatically mapped to my computer as an "unknown device" and requires a driver named "ASMedia USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller." I thought that simply uninstalling the device would do the trick but I guess I was wrong despite it seeming to work for a few hours. And attempting to install the driver had the computer tell me it's incompatible with my system.(The unknown device also seems to pop up whenever i plug in a controller which has never happened before, and is always there by default upon booting up the PC.)

I have also been dealing with a malware problem as of late but I can't be sure if it's relating to this problem at all. But that being said I also can't be sure if this problem is hardware or software based. All I know is these crashes seem to be completely random. One second I'm playing a PC game and it's running flawlessly with no issues, and then the next minute everything completely freezes, all sound comes to a halt and then around 10 seconds later I get the dreaded blue screen without fail.

A part of me thinks, and is fearing, that this is a damage problem to my GPU or something, but even that seems strange given how it's working one second and dies randomly the next with no reason. I've lost so many hours of work from this and I'm at a loss. I really would appreciate any help at what I need to be trying here, cause I might just wind up doing a completely fresh hard reboot once again...

Thank you. -Jackson

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