Random black screens for 3-5 seconds.

  KittyGaming 23:42 25 Sep 2016

I recently purchased a new graphics card (Nvidia 1060 non-gaming) to replace my old one (nvidia 620), which was experiencing random graphics failures. (I figured out the problem, it was it was overheating) But now with my new graphics card, I have been just been experiencing random 3-5 second black screens while I am doing something, I can still do things like type, but just it is black but the background is still going on. I have reseated multiple times, and when I put back in the previous graphics card the computer works fine,just with the problems of crashing due to the graphics card overheating. I also have 16g of ram. In addition, the screen seems to have a slight hint of yellow through the screen. Any way to fix that?

  xania 13:49 27 Sep 2016

I think you have a faulty card - take it back and get it replaced.

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