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  Cams 21:54 19 Feb 2003

I'm looking to add another 512MB of RDRAM to my system and have been browsing on ebay.

I'm trying to work out compatibility issues and have so far drawn a blank with respect to what's compatible and what's not.

This site has the following statement:

click here

"Memory compatibility for desktop PCs is one of the important features of RDRAM. It allows RDRAM RIMM modules to be interchangeable with full system compatibility. Validated RIMM modules can be placed in an RDRAM-compatible system without regard to memory size, speed, or organization. Mix and match RIMM modules from various suppliers and they will all work together within the system. No other technology available today can make that claim."

Does this mean I can simply buy any pair of validated 184-pin RIMM Modules, stick 'em in and they'll be all right?

All three products listed below are listed on the list of RAMBUS validated modules.

I checked the product number of my existing 256MB modules and they are as follows:

1. Samsung PC800 MR18R 1628AF0-CK8

The product numbers of the 256MB modules I have found on ebay are as follows (current cheapest first)

2. Samsung PC800 ECC MR18R 082GBN1-CK8
3. Samsung PC800 MR18R 1628DF0-CM8

So far, so good.

Then I went to this site to see what I could find:

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I got the following details with reference to the three product numbers listed above:

Configuration Core org.
------------- ----------
1. 288M-16Mx18 32s
2. 144M-8Mx18 32s
3. 288M-16Mx18 32s

So my question is:

Would the memory in rows 2 and 3 be compatible with my system?

Do the different configuation figures in row 2 mean anything that I should know about?

Is there any need for this to be so complicated?

For information, my chipset is Intel i850.



  Cams 21:59 19 Feb 2003

That didn't format too well, did it?

Let's try the garbled bit again:

First figure is Config. Core, second is Org. (whatever they may mean)

1. 288M-16Mx18 32s
2. 144M-8Mx18 32s
3. 288M-16Mx18 32s

which based on this site:

click here

seems to mean for Configuration, Rows 1 and 3:

x16 RIMM based on 288 MB Die

I'm still none the wiser :-\

  Simon_P 07:04 20 Feb 2003

Have you tried:
click here

Memory selector

  Simon_P 07:06 20 Feb 2003

I ment here

click here

  Cams 07:24 20 Feb 2003

Thanks, but yes. Unfortunately Crucial doesn't do RDRAM and so my motherboard isn't listed in their memory selecta.

I think I'm just going to have the bid and hope for the best. I just don't understand why this has to be so darn complicated, or maybe it's not complicated and any RIMM modules will fit - who knows?


  Cams 15:16 20 Feb 2003

Since there are no takers yet for my poser, I thought I'd post back with a (hopefully) simplified version based on my scouring the net.

Below is a list of statistics of the RDRAM I currently have in my system, followed by the 2 ebay potentials (all are Samsung PC800):

1. Part no. MR18R1628AF0-CK8

x16 RIMM based on 288 Mb A-die
Organisation: 512K x 18*32s
Feature: SS, 1375mil, ECC, 184-pin
Base Component: K4R881869A-FCM8/FCK8 x 8pcs

2. Part no.MR18R082GBN1-CK8

Based on 144 Mb B-die
Organisation: 256K X 18 x 32s
Feature: DS, 1250mil, ECC
Base Component: K4R441869B-NCK8/MCK8 x 8pcs

3. Part no. MR18R1628DF0-CM8

x16 RIMM based on 288 Mb D-die
Organisation: 512K x 18*32s
Feature: SS, 1250mil, 184pin
Base Component: K4R881869D-FCM8/FCK8 x 8pcs

My questions are:

1. What are the differences between the memory in points 2 & 3, and

2. Would either, or indeed neither, of them be compatible with my Intel i850 system?

I'm finding all this information a bit of a struggle to deal with as I really don't know what all these figures etc. mean.

If you don't have a clue but know of another site where I could post my question, please let me know. Both ebay options have 2 days left to run.


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