ram/bios issue help needed

  skell 17:04 12 Jan 2005


Ive just purchaced new RAM from cruicial (512MB DDR3200) to add to my existing RAM wich is the same make and model to make a total of 1024. But in my system infomation it only shows 768MB of ram. Iv contacted cruicial and they say i need to upgrade my BIOS. Im not to keen on doing that as i have heard that it can cause problems. Is there any other way of correcting this without having to upgrade the BIOS?

  mattyc_92 17:26 12 Jan 2005

The only way to solve this is actually upgrading the BOIS.... Alternatively, you could buy a new motherboard, but surely you wouldn't want to waste your money on that???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:45 12 Jan 2005

what does it say on the memory count when you first boot up?

  Diemmess 17:47 12 Jan 2005

Upgrading BIOS if done by downloading from the motherboard's own website/chips site and following their instructions to the letter, is relatively safe and easy.

Upgrading for no particular reason is silly.

  skell 18:31 12 Jan 2005

Ok thx for your imput looks like il have to upgrade the bios
thx again.

  Rayuk 18:50 12 Jan 2005

Before you think about flashing your bios check the motherboards manual to see what memory it should take or check the bios readmes to see if it mentions a fix for memory problems.
Have you tried the new stick on its own to see if it registersthe full 512mb and also swap the 2 sticks round,could be a faulty memory slot.

  skell 21:43 12 Jan 2005

tried all the above apart from the readmes, the stick of memory works ok on its own and in other slots too. Il check the readmes .. thx

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