Ram usage really high idle

  13eeny 21:57 20 Oct 2016


Why is my ram usage so high, it wasn't like this before I updated origin. Now its just stupidly high on idle.

click here

  Secret-Squirrel 08:30 21 Oct 2016

Why is my ram usage so high................

It's obviously because Google Chrome is using nearly 4GB of your RAM. Close Google Chrome and reopen it. If the problem reoccurs then get back in touch and also let us know what "updated origin" means.

  Charlie Markey 10:25 21 Oct 2016

If what Secret-Squirrel said didn't work it could be a virus there know for using showing software to use high ram or it could be bitcoin mining.

  13eeny 11:27 22 Oct 2016

I've scanned my computer 5 times since the problem and its found nothing. EA's games platform origin, its like steam. Currently, im using 64% with just google chrome open, something clearly isn't right.

  alanrwood 11:36 22 Oct 2016

Depends on how many tabs you have open in Chrome. Your original graphic seems to indicate that you have several open at the same time.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:08 22 Oct 2016

............something clearly isn't right.

I agree.

With Google Chrome the active window, hold down the SHIFT key and press ESC. That should open Chrome's Task Manager. Make sure all the details are visible (by dragging the columns and/or enlarging the window) then post another screenshot for me to look at.

  13eeny 13:33 22 Oct 2016

click here

There you go, at the time my RAM usage was at 80% with only chrome open.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:09 22 Oct 2016

click here..There you go...

Yesterday Google Chrome appeared to be using nearly 4GB which is half your total RAM. Today it's using just a few hundred K so I don't know what's going on.

With Windows 8 & Windows 10 restarting your computer can frequently work miracles. You have to select "Restart" from the power options. Simply shutting down and turning on again will have no effect.

If that doesn't help the go back into the Windows Task Manager, sort the Memory entries in order and see if you can spot any that are obviously consuming far too much RAM.

Having said all that, if your computer is still perky and hasn't slowed down then it may be easier to stop worrying about it.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:58 22 Oct 2016

Today it's using just a few hundred K......

Sorry, I meant MBs.

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