Ram upgrading help *updated*

  kingkrumble 10:28 16 Jun 2018

Ram sticks (RS)

Okay so I have a pretty good pc this link will take you to the specs:

click here the problem is. I've brought some more exactly identical ram from the same website as before and my pc won't detect all 16gb. I've inserted both pairs of RS into the computer separately and at the same time and it only detects 8gb ram and that's all fine with starting up the pc, I've added one from each pair into the computer all that is fine so they are compatible! but when it comes to slots 2&4 it doesn't seem to work?? When all 4 RS is in the pc it boots up, but when it only has two ram sticks in the slots 2,4 it starts up then turns off.. Is this a fixable thing? Or is it an motherboard issue?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 16 Jun 2018

Check in BIOS that slots 2 and 4 are enabled

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