RAM upgrade to TIME Notebook/Laptop

  Tango 21:09 01 Jun 2006

Time Laptop Computer
20GB HD of which 11.2 is spare
128 MB SO DIMM RAM (SD RAM) - the subject of this thread
Windows Me - kept completely topical via Windows update

I am wondering if any of our members has had the same experience as I and if so how did they resolve it.

After 5 years of use, I decided that my trusty old TIME Laptop computer needed some more RAM. My 128mb RAM size could not cope with my ongoing use of many large files at the same time, even with WinRam Turbo Free running. So I decided that with TIME no longer in business to support and advise me I needed someone equally well versed and to this purpose I came across Crucial Technology in the pages of PCAdvisor, who do nothing but make memory and rang them up for a chat.

They were very helpful and patient. They helped me to identify the exact RAM type I had and via, my Laptop onboard manual and 'My Computer System Properties' the process to upgrade it and what I could add. This resulted in an order which arrived the next day! I accessed the memory compartment per the manual instructions and then rang Crucial to help me through loading the chip (there is no greater novice than I when it comes to interfering with the inside of my Laptop!). 'We' fitted the new RAM chip into the spare socket and started up, but it was not recognised in the preliminary BIOS checks or System Properties. I was instructed to take the chip out re-fit it once or twice or to switch the two chips over and they left me to it. I re-fitted the new chip once and it still did not register so switched two chips over and it worked!


I had consulted the manual before starting and apart from it telling me what I could fit, where and how, it made no suggestion that this problem might arise, let alone how to tackle it. I had never heard of the PHDISK and I think the next bit in that message is what you would look for if you had it.

I rang Crucial again and they helped me to alter the System ini. file sending me instructions by Email straight away. A second set of instructions involved altering the Virtual memory control to manual and adding new min-max values, but when I entered them, I was presented with a warning that my PC may not start up if I did this - so I didn't! I did the first part but it did not resolve the issue, so I rang Crucial again. Their help desk decided it was time to talk to a technical expert and he advised against the latter action, saying it would not help in this particular case and after some deliberation, we tested the boot up with the hibernation function disabled totally. I understand that only Laptops have this function and as I use my Laptop essentially as a deskbound tool powered by mains, it is unlikely I would miss it. It was expected that the message on boot up would not appear with this setting, but it did and at this point the Crucial expert had to admit that the solution would seem to lie in re-working some of the basics in the DOS, a task which was beyond my capabilities and risked forcing me into a complete reformat exercise if we got it wrong. This we agreed was NOT the point of this exercise which was just to add a bit more memory and I had either the option to take it out again or to run on without the hibernation facility on a permanent basis. The latter seemed the best option as the machine seems otherwise to be operating perfectly as it has done for over two years since I last rebuilt it and I have no desire whatever to go down the rebuild route once more just to get that facility to function again.

However, has any forum member had the same experience and if so, did they find a more simple solution which might resolve this issue please.

NB. The Power Options 'Hibernation' dialogue tab acknowledges that the Disk space required to Hibernate is 126 MB - why for heaven's sake is there not an advance option to allow you to enlarge the partition size automatically, when the RAM size is changed!

Thank you,

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