RAM Upgrade problems

  Dirk Diggler 21:54 21 May 2007

Currently have 512MB RAM in an emachines 370. Been onto cruicial.com website which says I can support up to 2 x 1GB DDR PC2700 which I duly bought, although not from crucial.

I swapped the 2 x 256MB sticks for the new ones.

Now on switching on my PC I get a number of beeps from the motherboard and the PC will not boot up!

I have double checked and it says the RAM should be compatible.

Is there anything I need to do before installing the new RAM that I have not thought of?

  jay.p 22:39 21 May 2007

first i would remove one of the memory sticks then restart the pc.if no luck shutdown and replace with the other. did you use an anti static strap when handlig the ram or at least kept you bare arm against the side of the case.
check your old memory to see if it is pc2700,3200 or pc400 in case of a mistake compatability wise.
also you could check the bios to see if the ddram timing is set to autoe.t.c.

  Dirk Diggler 22:43 21 May 2007

I did make sure that I touched the case before hand so I dont think static would be an issue

My old memory is PC2100 but crucial say that PC2700 is backward-compatible

I have tried a combination of 1 x my old stick & 1 x new and still get error - but as mentioned as soon as I put my old ones back all is fine

Thanks so far

  Totally-braindead 22:43 21 May 2007

Can I ask what says the RAM is compatible because memory is more complicate than just picking the right size and speed, you have to take into account things like parity etc.
I suspect either the memory you have is faulty or it is not the correct memory and is not compatible with your motherboard,

  Dirk Diggler 22:45 21 May 2007

I have run the click here system scanner that states DDR PC2700 is compatible and that my machine can take up to 2 x 1GB sticks which I have bought

How do I check the BIOS as mentioned above?

  Totally-braindead 22:53 21 May 2007

I had a look on Crucials website and according to that the memory needs to be non ECC, CL 2.5 unbuffered.
Only other thing I can think of is what operating system are you using, is it ME or Win98 because if so they cannot recognise that amount of memory and I have had board that won't run on double sided memory either, why I don't know. My present PC comments in the manual that double sided memory will not work in my board.

Heres the bit about operating systems

Windows 95: 1GB

Windows 98: 1GB

Windows 98SE: 1GB

Windows ME: 1.5GB

Windows NT®: 4GB

Windows 2000 Professional: 4GB

Windows 2000 Server®: 4GB

Windows 2000 Advanced Server: 8GB with PAE enabled

Windows 2000 Datacenter Server: 32GB with PAE enabled

Windows XP Home: 4GB

Windows XP Professional: 4GB

Windows XP 32-bit: 4GB

Windows XP 64-bit: 128GB

  Dirk Diggler 22:56 21 May 2007

Currently running XP Home SP2

The sticks I bought are listed here click here

Have I made a cockup? lol

  Totally-braindead 23:02 21 May 2007

I don't know mate, I'll have to leave it at this. Assumming the memory is ok I can only assume its not compatible with your computer.

One of my mates had an E machine and he had 3 different types of memory before he found one that worked ok. They all looked the same, they all said they were the same, apart from parity etc as none of them mentioned anything like that, but it did appear his PC was very fussy about memory.

  Dirk Diggler 23:04 21 May 2007

Okay mate - thanks for your help anyway - I will keep on checking :-)

Might even put them back on ebay and make a few quid lol

  jay.p 23:24 21 May 2007

pc2700 will not work with pc2100 or very rarely( my friend had the same prob ) . pc2100 is only backward compatable with pc 3200 . don't mix them but just try a stick of your new pc2700 on it's own to see if it is ok.

  [email protected] 23:27 21 May 2007

i got mine from
click here

see if they will price match if you have any compatabilty concerns with crucials recommendation of pc2700

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