Ram upgrade problems

  jake2 17:33 27 Mar 2007

My mobo ststes that it will support a maximum of 2GB DDR ram.
Crucials scanner also states a mximum of 2GB DDR. and advised 2 x 1GB DDR ram
When I install 2 x 1GB modules my pc will not boot up. Either module in either slot an dit will work fine.
Crucial have suggested a variety of fixes but so far nothing makes any difference.
Any thoughts?

  skidzy 17:35 27 Mar 2007

What Mobo Jake ?

  skidzy 17:38 27 Mar 2007

You may have to change the fsb speed in the bios,for example to 166.

  jake2 17:46 27 Mar 2007

Asus A7A266 skidzy.
No mention of changing anythig in the manual so far but I will keep looking.

  skidzy 18:35 27 Mar 2007

Is the ram double sided by any chance,the manual suggest single sided...

  jake2 18:38 27 Mar 2007

Crucial have suggested the following:

1. Verify that the memory modules are all seated correctly in their
slot. The white clips must go into place by themselves, around 30lbs of
pressure can be applied.
Done this no change.

2. Install one module alone in the first slot, this may isolate the
problem to one module. If the problem occurs with one particular module
then we can exchange the module in question.
Done this no change.

3. There may be a problem mixing ECC and non-parity memory, also
registered and unbuffered cannot be mixed.
Dont know what this means. I used the modules advised on their site.

4. Next step is to upgrade to the latest version of the BIOS. In the
case of DDR, there may be an option within the BIOS to increase the DDR
Voltage to 2.75v.
Bios is 1012 I believe this is the latest? I can see no adjustment for DDR voltage onlyCPU Vcore. Which I assume is NOT the same?

5. If the problem occurs with other memory it is probably a system or
PSU related fault.
Either module and both old modules work fine in either slot.

6. If the original memory also fails it is definitely a system problem,
You are best advised to have your system checked over.
Old memory(2x256MB DDR)works fine.

Any thoughts as to whats wrong?

  skidzy 18:56 27 Mar 2007

Ok,i have the manual in front of me now.
Firstlt the ram should be single sided (chips on one side only)

Do not Flash the bios if you do not know what you are doing,this may render your motherboard useless.

Though Crucial are very good,they are not always 100% correct..though i guess nothing is 100%.

The ram should be 2.5v non-ecc

Can you post the serial number from one of the sticks,or tell us exactly what speed of ram you have,such as 2700/2100 etc....though if higher,it should work as its backward compatible.

Have you actually gone into the bios and checked the FSB,it should be set at 266 but may have changed.

  jake2 19:11 27 Mar 2007

Ok the sticks have 8 chips on either side,
The sticks are PC3200,
Haven't checked the bios for fsb but have checked on the ASUS site and bios 1012 is the latest for this mobo and thats the one installed.
I'll shut down and check the fsb once I've posted this and come back.

  skidzy 19:18 27 Mar 2007

The ram should be 2.5v non-ecc/unbuffered single sided...this may be your problem with the double sided ram.

Have you upgraded your cpu by any chance ?

  jake2 19:26 27 Mar 2007

Yeah the cpu was updated a year or so ago XP2400 from an XP1800
I just checked the old ram modules and get this!
Both are PC2100 256mb
ONE MODULE HAS CHIPS DOWN BOTH SIDES 16 IN TOTAL THE OTHER HAS 8 DOWN ONE SIDE!? these are the original modules that came with the pc. Now I'm really confused.
In the biosCPU frequancy is 15.0x
cpu/pci frequency 133/33
cpu memory 1:1
CPU Vcore 1.650v

  skidzy 19:33 27 Mar 2007

The 133 is correct 133 x 2 = 266

I think you are best replacing the sticks of ram for single sided.

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