RAM upgrade - Is it so difficult?

  Baslla321 08:32 15 Feb 2005

My Dell Dimension 4600 has 2X128MB PC2700 (DDR333MHZ) memory and I want to install another pair 2X256MB as I have DIMM1 & 2, and 3&4 connectors, to get a total of 768MB. According to the Owner's Manual it is a straight operation,and as I have never opened a computer, I summond courage to try and do this myself for a change. Unfortunately, when going to the shop to buy these modules.I was told that this could be a complicated operation as the modules might be incompatable due to different makes etc. They recommend that I take my PC over to their workshop instead. So this was like a cold shower for me. I am all scared again. But really, what is your opnion on this please? Thanks.

  MichelleC 08:42 15 Feb 2005

I had the same prob but this sorted it click here

  dazza39 08:43 15 Feb 2005

It sounds to me they just want your PC in so they can charge for fitting the memory,you can buy memory upgrades from the net or any computer shop and install these yourself,just by following the motherboard manual,i was apprehensive myself when i first did and was surprised just how easy it is providing you take care and earth yourself before changing them,you motherboard manual should tell what type of memory you require.

  Baslla321 08:54 15 Feb 2005

I have all the info from Crucial and used Belarc system advisor and also Dell support as regards the type etc of the RAM that I need. This guy said that I might burn the RAM or cause damage while actually putting them in place. Probably as Dazza39 said, he wants to make money out of me as usual, seeing I am an old man !! Thanks my friends, my courage is going up again !!

  dazza39 08:56 15 Feb 2005

Also when you do it yourself,its like an achievement and you feel good,this Forum as well is also a good source of advice.Good luck.

  Baslla321 09:02 15 Feb 2005

thank you

  FelixTCat 09:29 15 Feb 2005

Go to this site: click here

Although they provide this service to sell you memory, they are a reputable supplier and not any more expensive than any other. They will tell you the right memory for your computer.

  Gongoozler 09:40 15 Feb 2005

Baslla321, it is almost impossible to burn out the memory. The only reason I say "almost" is because no doubt someone somewhere will find a way. Crucial guarantee their memory, so if you buy the memory they recommend and it doesn't work, they will replace it or give you a refund. The only real risk in fitting memory is if you use excessive force. Simply apply firm pressure together with common sense and you shouldn't have any problems. The memory sticks are held in place by little side latches. Pull these away from the memory stick positions, and ease them back as you press the memory into place. When they locate into the notches in the memory modules you know that the modules are in place. Check that you haven't disturbed any cables or connectors, and then switch your computer on.

  Baslla321 10:36 15 Feb 2005

Ok Thanks for all your help. RGDS

  [email protected] 10:39 15 Feb 2005

Recently I installed an extra 512mb which ran for a day. Big problems the day after though with PC malfunctions. PC would not work with just the new memory fitted so everything pointed to it being u/s so I returned it. The shop has since advised me it works perfectly so it must have been a compatibility issue. Fair enough, credit is proposed and I want to buy some memory, but the more I read about the correct replacement, more confusing it gets!
Everest: I have 512mb DDR PC2700[166] fitted.
I bought and fitted 512 DDR PC2700[166] - problems.
ASUS Handbook: Fit only tested and qualified DDR400 DIMM's.
ASUS Handbook: 3 sockets are available for 400mhz PC3200, 333mhz PC2700 etc and so on down. (Contradition there - fit only this but you can fit this!)
Crucial recommends: DDR 2700 CL=2.5 as well as DDR 3200 CL=3 (that's half a volt difference to me!)
I go back to my supplier with a view to buying Samsung Original (as recommened by ASUS site, Note: the DDR400 table lists CL=2.5 AND CL=3 so can I use either?), and I find he now stocks Crucial. Upgrading my other PC was really straightforward with Crucial in the past, so let's buy it again I thought. Check out the 512mb bars and what do I find: 512mb PC2700 is [400] (but the handbook recommends PC2700[333]). So, one question before I hesitatingly say that's what I want: Does the [400mhz] mean it will work at FSB speeds UPTO 400mhz on only AT 400mHz.
With regard to the Crucial site giving you the right info, they do put the ball back into your court by confusing you even further. Quote: However, if you are purchasing memory for a complete computer system, we recommend you choose memory based on your system make and model, not your motherboard. Sometimes BIOS updates and other hardware configuration can alter memory recommendations. We also recommend that you choose the upgrade with the fastest memory listed. For example if PC2100,2700 and 3200 are all listed as compatible upgrades, we recommend that you upgrade with the 3200 module Unquote. (Now we need to know all about our Bios updates and other hardware configurations!!!) Now I have always been led to believe there is no point in fitting faster memory than that which you already have as it will only run at the slower speed anyway, and wait a minute, there is 0.5v difference in the latency rating!! Aaarrrgghhhh :-(
I think I need to buy PC2700 with the same CL=2.5 rating. I think I need to buy 166mhz (333) but I did that once and it didnt work [so the shop assures me]. I didnt order anything yet as I am headed for a nervous brakdown so if there are any knowledgeable councellors out there with plenty of "there there there" willing to advise, I would really appreciate it :-)

  FelixTCat 10:57 15 Feb 2005

[email protected]

If you're still that confused, take out your existing memory, write down everything that's written on it and buy something with the same writing on it.

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