RAM upgrade...is it beneficial?

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 17:08 06 Aug 2003

It's coming up to my birthday and I was considering getting a RAM upgrade from crucial for my laptop. It has 256MB RAM already (64MB taken up by the graphics card) and I have one spare slot. I thought about getting another 256MB to boost the RAM to 512MB.

The things I want to know are what are the main benefits. I know that the PC will run slightly faster, but will there be anything else that will increase my laptops' performance, e.g. a faster startup time.

Thanks for any advice coming!

  hotwired 17:17 06 Aug 2003

Sure thing you pc will run faster, you can multitask and the response time to open application will be quicker but not highly noticeable ?

As u have told what processor you are running on your laptop, memory has never done any pc harm

Go for it

  The Sack 17:20 06 Aug 2003

256MB is ok but as you are losing 64MB by the onboard graphics i would get another 256MB.

Once you pass 256MB of RAM there are no performance benefits unless you actualy use more than the XXXMB of RAM you have installed as there is enough space for the OS to work with some spare for everything else, all you are doing is stopping the PC from resorting to a swap file. You see people putting 1GB in then using there PC to surf the net and only using 120MB up, in that case there is no point whatsoever.

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 17:22 06 Aug 2003

When i'm putting RAM into the spare slot, are these the correct steps...

1. Open the RAM cover

2. Hold the RAM chip on the sides

3. Insert the chip at an anlge, then push it down, level with the other chip

4. Close the lid and see what happens.

Do I also need to be earthed, or is that just too overprotective?

  Djohn 17:22 06 Aug 2003

Not sure on the "Start-up", how long is it taking and which O/S? this can be speed-ed up by closing all unnecessary programs. When I was with 98se all I had was a couple of programs running in the background, all others where easy accessible from a "Shortcut" on desktop.

It will mean that your programs will work faster, because the program, and details can be held in memory, rather than having to look on the Hard-drive all the time. j.

  Steven135 17:23 06 Aug 2003

Upping the ram will certainly help in the overall performance though I think it will not noticeably boost startup times.

You will be able to have more programs open and there will be less need for the OS to use the swap file since cost of RAM is pretty cheep you should go for it.

To speed startup check the programs you have loading in msconfig, regularly clean away all the dross and defragment.

I find the defrag program for execusoft excellent you can download the free version from:
click here

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 17:23 06 Aug 2003

That was supposed to be "angle" not "anlge"

  Steven135 17:24 06 Aug 2003

Synchronized postings, guess we think more RAM is a good idea!

  The Sack 17:26 06 Aug 2003

It is bad netiquette to pick people up for typos so don?t worry about it, anyone with a bit of sense wouldn?t bat an eyelid.

  Djohn 17:30 06 Aug 2003

Never even noticed, until you mentioned it. :o)

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 17:42 06 Aug 2003

Does the method I posted above seem alright? I don't want to spend £40 at crucial to have it not work or to blow from static electricity!

Thanks for the opinions and advice

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