RAM upgrade for HP Pavilion ze5600

  dundora 22:12 10 Mar 2011

I wanted to increase the RAM on my laptop as it was running very slowly after installing McAfee security. Crucial advised, after a scan, that I could add a 512MB module in an empty slot alongside the 256MB module already installed. However, when I opened up the RAM compartment, there was no vacant slot so I removed the 256MB module and inserted the 512MB module, and this has improved the speed of my computer.
In the other slot, there is a '512M DDR 266 SODIMM CL 2.5 card. Can I replace this with a second 512MB RAM module, or is there another slot somewhere else?

  Ashrich 22:58 10 Mar 2011

1gb is the maximum this PC will take , which is what you now have .


  dundora 23:15 10 Mar 2011

Thank you Ashrich. So is this other (SODIMM) module giving me 512MB of RAM?
Then there should be a total of 1024MB of RAM, but the Properties panel only indicates 448MB of RAM

  dundora 12:06 11 Mar 2011

Just to keep you in the picture:
I came to the conclusion that the second module in the RAM compartment was in fact a 512MB RAM (because of the ambiguous labelling I wasn't absolutely sure), but that it was not working.
So I reinstated the original 256 RAM module in its place and, I'm relieved to see, I now have 700-odd MB total RAM.
I think perhaps I'll now get a second 512MB RAM from Crucial to top up to the limit of 1GB.
Thank you for your help Ashrich!

  Ashrich 22:50 11 Mar 2011

Funnily enough I did have my suspicions about the other ram stick , glad you sorted it out .


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