RAM Upgrade help

  babybell 15:42 06 Aug 2005

I have a Dell Dimension 2400 which has 256mb Ram, I really want to upgrade this either to 512 or maybe even one gig. However, Im using the "Upgrade my Dell" section on the website but it isn't very easy to follow and im also worried that I could buy the same RAM somewhere else alot cheaper. Could anyone assist? Thank you

  palinka 15:58 06 Aug 2005

I always use Belarc Advisor. click here
Download the Advisor and it will tell you exactly what hardware you have in your pc AND what upgrades of RAM are possible. They provide a link to Crucial from where you can then order the RAM and you'll know it will fit.

I've never had any problems when I've followed this method - and I'm not a computer whizz kid.

Crucial are quick and reliable.

  dan11 16:07 06 Aug 2005

Crucial give you all the information you need, as palinka. click here

It says you have 2 dimm slots and gives you the options for your 2400 board. If you use 98 or me, don't go over 512Mb. If you use 2000 or XP, put in as much as you like or can afford.

  babybell 18:41 06 Aug 2005

Cheers for that guys, one more thing tho, is it safe to use two different makes of ram? I'm assuming that the stuff i buy of the net will be different to what is already in my pc?

  dan11 18:46 06 Aug 2005

"is it safe to use two different makes of ram?"

Yes, get it from crucial and they will guarantee it to work.

  babybell 18:52 06 Aug 2005


I am running XP so if i have 256mb in there already, i can purchase the 512mb ram and that means i'll have 768mb. Does it matter about the speed only ive noticed some ram is around 300mhz and some around 400?

  dan11 19:07 06 Aug 2005

I would go for the crucial recommends module. click here. It's pc2700 ( 333Mhz ) so this will probably match the module you already have in.

You could plump for the faster pc3200 ( 400mhz) but it will only run as fast as the one you have in. Picking the faster module may mean swapping the ram chips around. It does have the advantage of, if you were to upgrade the computer in the future, you would already have slightly faster ram.

If you want it to be the easiest, pc2700

If you don't mind fiddling around, pc3200

  babybell 11:41 10 Aug 2005

Right, well thanx for ur help guys, i went with the recommended ram and purchased 526mb, now comes the installation part. Is there any thing i should no in regards to installing the ram? Im thinking that i remove the cover, find the empty slot next to the existing ram and insert the same way round. Is there anything else i should do or has what i said pretty much it?

  dan11 13:19 10 Aug 2005

1) Switch off the machine and unplug from the wall.

2) remove the cover of the machine.

3) Earth yourself, by touching the radiator.

4) Locate the spare memory slot and pull back the white locking tags.

5) carefully take out the ram from the package. Try not to touch the gold contacts on the bottom. The top edges are the best way to handle them.

6) align it up with the ram slot and press down at either end. The ram should slot in and click home. The white tags will automatically lock, when the ram is seated correctly.

7) Switch on the machine and watch the ram count ( post ). If it all adds up, new and old memory. Shut down.

8) put cover back on and use the machine.

You had everything covered, just a bit extra there to get it right, first time.

Good luck:-)

  babybell 13:53 10 Aug 2005

Im assuming i only touch the radiator once to earth myself rather than carrying out the ram installation actually sat on it!!!

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