ram upgrade compatabiltiy. Newby

  Ghloria 12:03 30 Jan 2003

this is the spec of a ram chip that comes from "Crucial" for my system....."SDRAM, 66MHz SDRAM, 66MHz CL=2 Non-parity "....If I look for other compatible, cheaper chips what expressions do I need to search for.

  powerless 12:04 30 Jan 2003


  Tog 12:13 30 Jan 2003

The 66MHz refers to the maximum speed at which the memory operates.

You don't have to stick to 66MHz, the cost will probably be high. It is possible to mix'n'match various speeds of RAM though stick to the same manufacturer and don't make any changes to the FSB speed that you run at now (66MHz).

The last time I checked, admittedly some time ago, it was cheaper to buy double the amount of 100MHz or 133MHz memory than the amount of 66MHz that I was looking for. Being a caring father, I upgraded my memory and dumped my old, slower stuff in my daughter's PC.

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