RAM Upgrade - AGAIN!!!

  buddiebuoy 22:14 31 Aug 2004

I realise that this has been asked recently by a a few posters, but I'm still not sure.
I have Everest installed and I have been to Crucial.com but I'm still confused as to whether I can use 184 Pin or 168 Pin card - Crucial says that both are compatible with my Motherboard - does this mean they will both fit in the same slot or are they completely different sizes. I have noticed that the slots are different colours in my my computer - can't remember what they are though.

  Simon_P 22:54 31 Aug 2004

I think that the 168 pin are PC 100/133 Dimm (older)

The 184 pin are DDR dimm (newer)
In several speeds, it will depend on your motherboard and its FSB speed as to what ones you need.

more mem info click here

Some motherboards have slots for both types but I don’t think they can be mixed.

If you are adding memory you will need the same as you have, if you are replacing memory then the 184 pin DDR is better.

More info on motherboard please

  buddiebuoy 23:23 31 Aug 2004

Thank you Simon,
I think the current RAM is 168 pin

My Motherboard is Jetway V266BField (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR, 4 DIMM, Audio)

Hope that's enough.

  cream. 23:34 31 Aug 2004

Is right. The 168 pin memory is pc 100/133.

If your memory moduel is in either of the two slotts nearest the IDE ribbon connector, then it is SDram, pc100/133. The memory slotts nearest the cpu are ddr ram slotts.

Your installed memory could be either pc100 or pc133. If you get pc133 and the other memory is pc100, it will still run but at a lower speed.

To check the speed of the ram, enter the bios and go to miscellaneous control. nw look at the dram clock at next boot. his will say either 100Mhz or 133hz. This will give you the ram speed.

  buddiebuoy 23:38 31 Aug 2004

Yes RAM speed is 133 Hz - thank you.

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