Ram upgrade

  Shutt1e 18:16 24 Jun 2009

Basically , i have 2gb of ram at the moment in my laptop. 1gb is being taken by my video card which is a Nvidia 8400m. So that leaves only 1gb left for applications. So will a upgrade of 1gb ram make alot of difference ? i frequently play world of warcraft and have web browsers open etc, so will it make a difference.


  mooly 18:27 24 Jun 2009

Isn't the 1gb RAM for the video card integral to the card and separate from the main system RAM.
In which case (if it is) the difference in 2 vs 3gb RAM will I suspect will be marginal.

  Shutt1e 18:30 24 Jun 2009

The card has 128mb dedicated and takes about 900mb from the ram, because it comes up as 1041 mb.

  mooly 18:31 24 Jun 2009

Just add (assuming it's Vista) that you can put the CPU/RAM gadget on the sidebar and see at a glance how much RAM is in use. If it's getting toward the 70/80% mark when running tasks then yes, you may need more.

  mooly 18:34 24 Jun 2009

Posted together.
Try opening "performance and reliability" monitor and see what that shows. How much free is reported ?
Where are you seeing this 1041mb

  Shutt1e 18:56 24 Jun 2009

i ran a test on systemrequirements labs, it said that my graphics card was 1041 mb, but it is a 128mb 8400m , so it is obviosuly taking ram. My ram is running at 89% , so i guess i should upgrade

  eric_bloodaxe 19:21 24 Jun 2009

It is quite common for video cards in laptops to share ram with the main ram sticks. in fact it doesn't share at all it just uses a chunk of system ram for its needs to improve graphics performance on the cheap. Turbocache (Nvidia) and HyperMemory (ATI) are 2 such systems. The whole thing is controlled from CMOS, sometimes u can adjust the amount shared, or not! also shared RAM is not reported to windows so if there is a missing chunk of sysytem RAM it will be the shared RAM. adding more System RAM will speed thing s up as it will in most systems. 1Gb sounds a lot to share so maybe u should look in the CMOS settings to see if u can adjust it down.

  mooly 12:42 26 Jun 2009

Don't know quite where you are up to with this but if I click right click a blank spot on the desktop and choose "personalise" and "Display setting" and "advanced" my graphics card (NVidia 6100) shows
Total available graphics 830mb
Dedicated 128mb
System memory 0
Shared 702mb

So I don't quite understand what that means !
I also have 2GB of RAM of which 63% is currently "free", so 702mb can't currently be in use as the whole PC is only showing as using 37% or so currently.

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