RAM upgrade

  timestar 08:50 26 Nov 2008

I want to upgrade the RAM on my laptop. I have been to the Crucial site and their scanner won't detect my laptop type and the model also isn't listed in the pull down menu going in through the alterantive route. I know that you have to be careful when upgrading to make sure memory is compatible. How do I find out what will be suitable? [It's a Packard Bell EasyNote S4947]

  MAJ 09:39 26 Nov 2008

Download and run SIW click here Under the Hardware > Memory entry it will tell you the type of memory you have. If not, tell us the make and model of the motherboard, you can also find that out with SIW.

  timestar 09:43 26 Nov 2008

I already have SIW on here. It lists 2 memory slots. Currently have a 512MB DDR2 (PC2-4300) in each slot. Would I need to buy 2 x 1GB to upgrade?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:44 26 Nov 2008
  timestar 09:57 26 Nov 2008

Thanks MAJ and Fruit Bat. But, do I need 2 x 1GB to upgrade, and how dificult is it to do?

  MAJ 10:01 26 Nov 2008

Coincidently, I upgraded an Easynote (different model though) laptop's memory last week. It had 512MB installed, the owner only wanted another 1GB so as not to lose her 512MB module. When the laptop was upgraded with the extra 1GB module it wouldn't recognise both modules, so I guess getting 2 x 1GB modules is a better plan than getting just one.

  MAJ 10:05 26 Nov 2008

"and how dificult is it to do?"

Dead easy. Open the memory cover under the laptop. You'll see the existing module held in by a spring clip on either side. Hold both clips back, manoever the module to a 45 degree angle and slot the module out. Install both new modules by reversing the operation. Remember to only hold the modules by the sides and make sure you earth yourself first.

  timestar 10:09 26 Nov 2008

Thanks again MAJ. Should I set a restore point before doing it?

  Scubaman 13:53 05 Mar 2010

I have identified the memory required to upgrade my laptop via the Crucial site. I have intalled the recommended memory but on boot up I get a message - The amount of system memory has changed. If you did not change your memory .......
To resolve this issue, try to reseat the memory.
I tried resting the memory just in case but the same message appears. Any ideas?

  gengiscant 14:50 05 Mar 2010

Please create your own post as this is timestar's problem post.
If you creat your own you will know via email when someone has offered some help.

  Scubaman 15:22 13 Aug 2010


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