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  br8nd4n 19:45 23 Mar 2008

Hello again,

I have another question that I wonder if someone would be kind enough to answer. I have a Legend PC, Pentium 4 2.5 Ghz processor, a humble 128MB video card, with a "Columbia" mother board. There are two ram slots that both have ram cards totalling 512MB (that would be 256 each I guess!).

Do I need to replace both cards with a pair of new identical 512MB ones? (I only want to upgrade to 1GB) If so, how do I know which type of RAM to upgrade with? Also where's best to buy it from?

Thanks again in advance for your advice and assistance.

  brundle 19:45 23 Mar 2008
  DieSse 20:01 23 Mar 2008

If you run this click here it will tell you lots about your system, including exactly what RAM is fitted now.

From this you can either come back and ask again - or simply get two 512MB modules with the same specification.

For best and most reliable operation, always buy known branded RAM - it will be grade1 (there are three grades). Crucial are fine - personally I always buy Kingston RAM, there are other good makes too. click here

  br8nd4n 20:07 23 Mar 2008

Thanks Brundle. Thats helped a little. Unfortunately the scan couldn't advise an exact match of RAM to upgrade. It did tell me I have an NEC motherboard, model SiS650. Anyone any further ideas which model of RAM I should use?


  brundle 20:08 23 Mar 2008

Use the software DieSse linked to

  jolorna 20:19 23 Mar 2008

is this your m/b click here
if so the spec is a max of 512mb, or just google Columbia" mother board & see if you can see your computer spec

  br8nd4n 20:25 23 Mar 2008

jolorna, thats my m/b! Guess I won't be able to upgrade it then! Oh dear. Thanks for looking into that for me though.

Nevermind. The PC must be about 5 or 6 years old. Probably best to just buy a brand new PC instead.

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