Ram upgrade

  Jak_1 21:32 24 Jul 2006

I am looking to up my Ram. Current specs is 512MB DDR400 PC3200 in an ADVENT 3615 pc, AMD Athlon 64 3200+ chip, MSi 6471 K8T800 mobo.

I was looking at the Elixir click here at Microdirect. Are they a good make or should I steer clear and go for the more expensive Kingston brand.

I need the extra RAM as I do a lot with graphics and video.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:46 24 Jul 2006

I'd go with Crucial - I don't think that they are particularly expensive. On a par with regular Kingston, I suppose (as opposed to Kingston Value RAM).

  Furkin 22:37 24 Jul 2006

I'd definitely go with Crucial. I can't get a better price for the quality.
Although I can't find your exact model on their site,,, a quick e-mail to them will get you what you want,,, & they guarantee to send the right module for your machine.
I've only ever needed their customer service once, & it was quick & easy - no headaches !
Good Luck

  sean-278262 22:51 24 Jul 2006

Crucial ram here too, mine arrived today and I am well pleased. However had kingston before and just as good in my eyes.

However try using crucials site configurer to find what chip model number is required and save a fortune by buying from dabs or elsewhere as it saved me about 30quid IIRC.

  skidzy 22:52 24 Jul 2006

Crucial System Scanner
Our scanner tool can tell you about your current memory configuration and recommend compatible upgrades for your specific system.

Taken from click here

I think you will find most forum members will recommend Crucial.

Hope this helps.

  DieSse 23:02 24 Jul 2006

When building systems, I used whereever possible Kingston RAM - it came with a lifetime warranty, which I always used as a selling point.

Since then I still buy Kingston RAM - just upgraded to 2x512MB Kingston modules in my own system - it works fine.

That said most branded RAM is first quality - unbranded RAM can be decidedly dodgy, depending on whether it's second or third quality. It's all to do with the layout and design of the circuits on the RAM modules - where and how many decoupling capacitors there are - who makes the actual chips, and how well they meet their specification - and the working tolerances on the chips.

RAM, like a PSU, is an item to buy for quality, not cheapness.

  Jak_1 00:21 25 Jul 2006

Many thanks Guys, I'll go for quality methinks fo the sake of a few pounds it's prob worth it. I will check the crucial site now..

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