ram upgrade

  s.w 23:11 19 Dec 2005

hi there if i upgrade my ram but i choose the new ram to hav faster clock speed than the ram that already in the computer will it work

  Totally-braindead 23:16 19 Dec 2005

If you mean to mix the RAM it must run at the slower speed if you try to get slower RAM to run at a faster speed it will crash. The speed the RAM can work at is dependant on 2 things the speed of the RAM and the processor you have. Crucial the computer memory company advise people to buy the fastest RAM their motherboard can take when they upgrade, the reason for this is if you upgrade the processor later on and it can run faster RAM you can still use it.

  Totally-braindead 23:18 19 Dec 2005

Just reread what you said, you want to run faster RAM at the slower speed of the memory you already have don't you. Yes that will work but the memory must be compatible with your motherboard.

  s.w 23:21 19 Dec 2005

how can i find out what the fated ram for my computer is

  Totally-braindead 23:29 19 Dec 2005

Go here click here if you know the make and model of your motherboard you can easily find out, if you don't know or are unsure run the Crucial System Scanner and it will tell you what memory your board can take as well as the maximum it can take. They also guarantee the memory they supply will work.

  DieSse 00:00 20 Dec 2005

*i choose the new ram to hav faster clock speed than the ram that already in the computer will it work*

It might work, it might not work, or even worse it may work but give strange intermittent errors.

It all depends on the exact details of your motherboard, the existing RAM and the new RAM.

The only absolutely safe thing to do is choose RAM of the same specification that you already have - OR upgrade all your RAM to a higher specification (if this is possible in your motherboard).

At least with the Crucial route you have some guarantee about working - but that won't be a huge benefit if you have a lot of hassle in the meantime.

Bear in mind I'm not saying it WON'T work - just that there's a risk that you will get problems.

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