ram upgrade

  pc learner 21:54 01 Mar 2005

please help after buying a ram upgrade (rdram rambus) after installing it pc wont start up at all anyone got any ideas

  Chezdez 22:13 01 Mar 2005

any beeps?

have you tried both sticks seperatly? make sure one isn't faulty?

what actually happens when you power on? whats your spec?

more info needed please, there's a start :P

  Jak_1 22:14 01 Mar 2005

Is it the correct Ram for your motherboard? Suggest you visit the board makers web site and check what sort of Ram you need.

  Technotiger 22:15 01 Mar 2005

Hi, more information needed - what OS, what mobo if possible. What type of ram on mobo - how much ram? Are you fitting it yourself? You say you are a learner - do you feel confident going into your pc case?
With more information you are more likely to get further responses to try and help you.


  citadel 22:21 01 Mar 2005

rambus requires all the slots to be filled. If you only have 2 sticks then blank rimms need to be in the other slots. Also you need pieces of the same size. In my old computer I have 2 sticks of 128 in slots 1 and two and 2 sicks of 64 in slots 3 and 4.

  pc learner 19:30 02 Mar 2005

hi all old memory was one stick off 128mb plus a blank (only got to slots for ram) and i replaced it with two identical sticks of 256mb old memory was pc700-45, new memory is pc800-45 memory is suitable for motherboard already checked with makers pentium 3, 900mhz, windows xp pro someone advised me to up-date bios mine is currently a02 but i aint to sure wot this is and dont know if it will help anyway

  pc learner 19:37 02 Mar 2005

abit more info the are no beeps when i try to start up the power light come on and the cd-rom light flickers for a few seconds but get no sign to monitor

  EdFrench 19:46 02 Mar 2005

Perhaps you should firstly go over the steps taken (In your head!) to open the case and install the ram, then button it all up again.
Check each step for connections etc. It is so easy to miss or knock something off.
Ram is located close to your IDE controller, check that the lead is still secure.
I think you mean that you don't get anything from the monitor - No POST results? No bios readouts?
Do you mean you have no power to the monitor ie: no power lights on at all?
Please give a little more info.

  pc learner 20:17 02 Mar 2005

hi edfrench i get the power light on the pc and cd rom flickers for a few seconds but no sounds at all from pc, which i normally get like beeps and hard drive running all can hear is fan running and monitor reads, check signal connection, i have replace new ram with old ram a few times now and each time pc starts up fine

  EdFrench 20:25 02 Mar 2005

You almost certainly have a connection problem.
Your upgrade could not (I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong)interfere with your signal. The signal is Analogue to your monitor (CRT?)
Check your cables. Coincidences are NOT rare it PC engineering

  pc learner 20:30 02 Mar 2005

have checked connections many times and all is fine, plus fact each time i install old ram pc work, i'm sure its a problem with the ram or operating system

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