Bonzy 09:45 21 Dec 2004

I need to upgrade a pc RAM from 64MB to 128MB. Is it ok to just add the 168MB to the 64MB on the motherboard to get even more ram or remove the 64MB module and replace it with the 128MB module? Pls help. Thanx in advance.

  carper 09:52 21 Dec 2004

If you go onto Crucial web site it will tell you exactly the correct memory for you and if you have a spare slot you will be able to leave the existing memory in place and just add to it

  [email protected] 10:10 21 Dec 2004

you need to check what the definition is 333 400 DDR SDR windows will always default to the slowest speed of whichever stick of ram you put in. You should see this on the 1st screen on bootup
Most people go for a pair of 128 or 256 & lately all people go for DDR ram
yes there are often problems with default to slow when you mix ram of different makes todays graphics usually demand as high a ram as you can afford to make the screen pics really stand out

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