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  Paula Michelle 01:56 16 Jan 2005

I am trying to check out a custom-built pc from Holly.

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Tere are about ten options to buy 1 GB.
What is the difference between all those memory options besides the obvious size, and is it better to get 2 sticks or a single one?
I have always taken memory for granted and I really have had enough for one week of intensive hardware studies without taking a phd in SDRAM.

If it matters, I will be getting an Athlon 64 3500 socket 939 Wincester core cpu and an Asus K8T800PR motherboard. I am looking to buy either 512MB or 1 GB depending on what I can afford.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


  hugh-265156 02:15 16 Jan 2005

you should be looking at a minimum of 512mb for windows xp nowdays but if you can stretch the finances to get 1gig the all the better.

my advice is the 'original' pc3200 in either flavour 512mb or 1gig should do you fine. the corsair and kingston brands are favored by overclockers that wish to wring out every last drop of performance from thier systems and are top quality ram. its up to you if you wish to pay the extra.

£24.26p extra for corsair may be worth it if the 'original' ram is generic unbranded.

  JIM 02:33 16 Jan 2005

quite a list of memory to select from but i'am a bit old fashioned in my thinking.If i was offered a choice of combo Video player /telly etc.I would leave it alone and by seperate items.

Having two many eggs in ones basket or in your case sticks of ram in ones system could be expensive allround. If the single item installed is 1 gig ram and 1gig goes off the boil at some time.One Big Loss. (2 X 512 of ram ) 0r 1 straight Gig of ram?

I know it's late,i should be in bed, but think about it :)


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