RAM testing - compatible replacement ??

  Probabilitydrive 10:28 20 Oct 2007

I have reason to believe that my RAM modules are not quite working as they should. I have a spare pair of RAM and want to replace the original one to see if that solves a few issues.

> According to 'Sandra' these are the specs of my installed RAM:

PC2-5300U DDR2-333

I have 2 of those modules installed (2GB)

> The spare ones are (at least the info I have):

timing 4-4-4-12
DDR2 - 800MHZ
XMS2 6400

Would they work (if used in the same slots)?

  jack 10:44 20 Oct 2007

Nothing will burn or go bang if you try
The MoBo will accept or reject-
So try it and see.
Leave an existing one in slot 0
that will be the 'master' and then slot the others in one at a time first into slot one if OK slot another into slot 2
Sandra will tell what is going on - or not- in addition to the bleeps of protest from the MoBo if it does not like one or tother.

  Probabilitydrive 11:35 20 Oct 2007

Thanks, will have a go with the sequence suggested

  Probabilitydrive 12:40 20 Oct 2007

Partly successful. I say that because, the reason for swapping the RAM in the first place was a reduced 'Windows experience index score'.

With the first set of RAM I had always a 5.7 score.
After I reinstalled Windows Vista, it dropped to 4.6 !!

Damaged RAM ?? I exchanged it with (see above) and I get a 5.0 score... not quite what it should be.

Are there any setting which might have been altered during a reinstall ?? (In the BIOS or elsewhere)?

What other reasons could there be of RAM not working to its full capacity ??

  jack 13:38 20 Oct 2007

Over to someone more expert than me I feel.
I wonder of one of those memory 'test' programs may be useful such as 'Crucial' use to check our machines?

  TopCat® 13:42 20 Oct 2007

Why not try the Crucial system scan at click here It will give all the details on correct memory, timings and and upgrades for your motherboard. TC.

  Probabilitydrive 21:15 20 Oct 2007

For the record;

I reinstalled Vista from an ACRONIS back-up. A few thoughts on that... it was not as straightforward as I thought. Lesson learnt was to make sure, you verify the back-up at the time of creating it. I (think) didn't and run into all kinds of problems.

Right now, Vista is again running smoothly with the replacement Corsair RAM modules and scores a RAM 'Windows experience index' of 5.7.

Its still a mystery, why a clean install (well, from a evesham recovery disc, which doesn't give you an option of reformatting before reinstalling Vista..) produced a low score.

My theory is: On installing Vista from the recovery disc, the motherboard drivers for my NVIDA board were automatically loaded. Were they perhaps different from the one on the ACRONIS back-up? Do older mobo drivers have an influence on RAM speed?? Fact is, VISTA is working and producing magic again...

  rdave13 21:32 20 Oct 2007

Maybe to do with drivers? Have a compaq laptop which had a score of 2.8 index score (don't laugh!). Got a windows update for onboard graphics and the index score jumped up mightily to 3.0

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