RAM stick causes occasional image loss/Turn off.

  David Sanist 20:52 02 Mar 2018

About once a month or two, my PC will shut down and upon restarting it, there will be no image displayed on the monitor, despite seemingly booting up just fine.

Furthermore, the USB led lights will stay on even if i remove the connected keyboard and mouse.

Taking a specific one of the two X8GB Ram sticks out and turning the PC on will make the image display once again on my monitor and work just fine.

I can then turn it off and re-insert the second RAM stick and it will be recognized and work perfectly for about a month, at which time it will happen again.

Switching the ram sticks to different slots will still cause the same ram stick to cause the issue so i am to assume it is the ram stick itself that is causing it.

Any ideas why an otherwise perfectly working RAM stick may be causing this and why it only seems to happen sporadically once every month or two?

  [DELETED] 21:32 02 Mar 2018

check your Windows 10 PC for memory problems well worth trying out as the problem seems to be a ram module or ram socket problem. Hopefully a ram module problem as assuming both modules are seated properly.

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