Ram speed limited by processor speed?

  Ellie3009 17:56 16 Feb 2003

My query is as follows...
I am looking to speed up my system, and my plan is to add some more RAM. But at what point is it pointless to add more ram because the other things are limiting the system rather than the lack of Ram?

My current spec is as follows... Microstar 6167 motherboard with Athlon 600 cpu. 192 Mb PC133 SD ram (and one slot free) 10gb HD, of which 5.75gb still free. Nvida Riva TNT2 32mb graphics card Soundblaster live 1028 56k internal modem. Running win 98 se System mostly used with Ms office 2000, IE6, outlook express, realjukebox.

If I put another 512mb ram in it, will the system run faster as a whole? Or will I not notice a difference? Would I see more benefit from upgrading other parts of the system, like processor or adding a second HD?

Answers on a postcard please...

  duplo 18:06 16 Feb 2003

Adding an extra 512 would not be worth it.
Add another 256RAM, that should more than suffice with win 98se.

I ran win ME on 256 and upped to 384 Ram, with a Duron 700. The difference was slight.

  « Ravin » 18:25 16 Feb 2003

i was going to suggest that you add another 128 mb since that would match your system config but 256 mb of extra ram might be ok.

if you're looking to upgrade get a larger hard disk preferable a 7200 rpm one.

it all depends on what you use your pc for, if you give us a few details we could give better advice for eg if you're an avid gamer get a better graphics card than the one you use

  « Ravin » 18:28 16 Feb 2003

just noticed that you mainly use the net and office.. so i'd suggest a larger hard disk 40 gb and with more ram, you'll be all set to go. sound cards good

  Joe McG 18:28 16 Feb 2003


as duplo says above, another 512mb would be overdoing it for win98. You could always get 256mb ram and upgrade to an Athlon 1.33, selling here for less than £38. click here

  Ellie3009 18:44 16 Feb 2003

I will have a think and my credit card out!

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