Ram speed importance matching also

  PhillyG76 22:25 15 Mar 2019

I’ve just built a new pc based on Intel 9600k, Asus z370-g mATX board, and have just one 16gb Corsair vengeance 16GB 3,00MHZ ram module fitted. Originally I fitted a Corsair 8GB 2,400MHZ module fitted but soon realised 8 wasn’t enough. But decided to buy one high capacity module, and then Have the option of fitting more 16Gb modules for max 64gb, or mix and match 16gb with 8gb. Am I right in thinking that different size capacity’s are ok as long as speed is the same? And if that’s the case, for a short term fix, could I down clock my 3,000MHZ module and slightly over clock the 2400MHZ module to matching speeds so I’d have 24GB? But I guess this makes me realise the obvious question, what’s more effective more ram or the amount? I’ve noticed there’s not many options for just buying one single 16gb module. The fastest Corsair one was 3,000MHZ, but you can get 2x16gb ones for a 32gb kit at 3,200. But I plan on just buying one module at a time which Is why I try and get the highest capacity I can afford. As this can give me the option of either filling all at 16Gb for max 64gb. Or mix with 8gb or maybe even 4gb.

  wee eddie 00:18 16 Mar 2019

More RAM would be better but all will work at the speed of the slowest

  PhillyG76 05:42 16 Mar 2019

Many thanks, you basically confirmed my thoughts on the subject. So I might just experiment with the 8GB module fitted but as you say it will run slower. So I’ll probably end up selling it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:13 16 Mar 2019

bung in the 8G, the 16g will run slower but you'll not notice and it will be well offset by the added 8G. Forget messing with overclocking.

  imranabdul 10:50 19 Mar 2019

I too feel the same more Ram would have been the better one

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