RAM shows no difference

  WaiKent 20:04 29 Jun 2003

i used to have approx 190MB of RAM and recently bought another 128 MB to speed my pc up as the resources kept going really low and crashing. But after i installed the RAM, i checked the resource meter and there seemed to be no difference, anyone can help me>?

  Djohn 20:12 29 Jun 2003

Can you post your details. Opperating system, motherboard if possible, and the type of ram used? Does your new ram show up when booting?

  powerless 20:13 29 Jun 2003

System Resources is a fixed value in the memory. Upgrading memory will not increase system resources.

You will need to close down all programs that you do not need. Also when windows starts you can prevent Windows loading programs that will eat away at your memory.

Start > Run > Type: msconfig

Click ok and click startup up at the top. Remove the ticks to free up memery when windows starts compare what you gave with click here

If you run Anti virus and a firewall leave the ticks in place.

Also if you run Windows 2000 msconfig in not included but you can you use the XP msconfig. click here

  powerless 20:17 29 Jun 2003

Replace the typo letters with a letter of your choice ;-)

  WaiKent 21:01 29 Jun 2003

erm.. firstly, i have already closed not needed programs in msconfig, and the computer has registered the ram as being added, but there is just no difference to before. my pc is amd athlon 850 mhz processor, not sure about mother board though and 64 mb ram as standard.. thats all i really know, dont think you would actually need any more information except it uses pc133 DIMMS SDRAM.

  WaiKent 21:02 29 Jun 2003

sorry forgot my operating system is Windows ME

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