RAM questions.

  Cybermaxx 14:48 02 May 2005

just bought a single 512MB DIMM. Kingston ValueRAM 184 pin PC3200. Voltage on the DIMM is given as 2.6V, yet my motherboard's manual says it can only use 2.5V DIMMs. I really cannot use this, can I?

  Joe R 15:27 02 May 2005


This should not be a problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 02 May 2005

Now 333mhz is mostly 2.5v which is fine, but 400mhz stuff starts at around 2.6v, yeah it should work alright. Because the ram will be running lower than its rated speed, so it should require less voltage.

  Cybermaxx 15:57 02 May 2005

Thanks for the repilies. It works alright, but when I run the memory benchmarks in Everest, they're all slower than before.

I had two 256MB PC2700 DIMMs. Now I have one 256MB PC2700 and one 512MB PC3200 DIMM. Maybe I'd be best off buying another 512MB PC3200 DIMM? What do you reckon?

Everest benchmarks:-

Read:- 512MB 2406 MB/s 768MB 2397 MB/s
Write:- 512MB 724 MB/s 768MB 674 MB/s
Latency:- 512Mb 119.4 768MB 124.2

Then again, these speed differences aren't really going to be so noticeable, are they?

  wee eddie 17:10 02 May 2005

Your memory will run at the speed of the slower 2700 unit but, I guess, you should benefit from the greater quantity.

What I do not know is that:

Will 512Mb of PC3200 run faster, or be more effective, than 768Mb of PC2700?

  Cybermaxx 17:20 02 May 2005

I should have said that my motherboard only supports up to PC2700 RAM. The PC3200 DIMM is therefore running at PC2700 speeds. I went for the PC3200 DIMM because it was the same price as the PC2700, and I thought it might be more useful if I ever buy (or even build!) another PC in the future.

  Pooke100 17:22 02 May 2005

what motherboard and cpu?

  Rayuk 18:24 02 May 2005

Have you put the 512Mb in the first slot?

Many motherboards have bios adjustments for the ram voltage,which is used a lot when overclocking the ram.

  Cybermaxx 20:10 02 May 2005

No, I've put the new 512MB DIMM is slot 2. Does that make a difference? I could soon swap them around.

Motherboard is a MSI MS-6701.
CPU is a Pentium 4 2.66 GHz (512 kb cache, 533 MHz fsb).

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