RAM Question

  Seadog 21:03 28 Sep 2010

I have a Shuttle SX38P2 that is fitted with 4Gb (2 x 2GB)of Corsair XMS2 CM2X2048-8500C5 which is PC2-1066 memory.
According to the manual, it will take up to 8Gb of 667/800 - OR 1066 in overclocking mode.
I am not running it overclocked - or not that I know of, the machine came with this RAM fitted.
The Crucial memory scan detects it as PC2-6400 which is 800. Presumably this means it is running at 800 speed.
I want to increase the RAM to 8GB (Running Win7 x64) and plan to use Corsair XMS2 memory - will it make any difference if I put PC2-6400 (800) or should I keep it the same as original PC2-8500?

  Nontek 21:37 28 Sep 2010

Best thing is to let click here scan your PC, that will then tell you what is best, as regards RAM for your individual PC.

  woodchip 21:41 28 Sep 2010

Why the need for all that Ram? One things for sure the Shop Selling you all your bits will not go under

  Nontek 21:43 28 Sep 2010

Ooops, sorry - I just re-read your question and noticed that you have already been to 'Crucial' ...

  Seadog 21:54 28 Sep 2010

At the moment with 4GB RAM I have 1800 MB in use (2200 'available') with programs running in the background, my laptop has 6 Gb RAM with the same programs (and processor speed) and this runs programs faster - video capture/conversion etc. so I thought I'd see about some more for the Shuttle.
All the stuff I've seen so far comes in 'matched pairs' and the best deals are for 2 X 2Gb modules, plus the fact that I can get 2 X 2Gb of PC-6400 from a mate of a mate who owns a computer shop, for less than half the price of the PC-8500 from a shop on the net!

  Devil Fish 02:00 29 Sep 2010

have you tried the mem boost function if you have a spare usb thumb drive pop it in and you can use it as extra memory

  Seadog 07:55 29 Sep 2010

Never though of using the ReadyBoost function at all, thanks for the reminder Devil Fish, I will give it a try, I have a spare 4Gb flash drive somewhere. I must admit I did try it when I first got the Win 7 PC but then it didn't seem to make much difference, mind you, there wasn't the programs loaded on the machine then that there are now!

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