Ram Question

  morden8uk 20:49 20 Jan 2004


I am upgrading my dads 3 year old pc. I have found some details about his motherboard & CPU

Its got a Cyrix 2 cpu & I think that means it runs at bus 66 mhz. The Mobo states max Dimm size per bay is 128mb (there are 2 168 pin sdram bays). I only have 1 256mb pc133 dimm I can give him, will it work?... i.e going over the mobo max guide???.



  morden8uk 21:12 20 Jan 2004

what I really need to know is will it hurt the pc to breach the max memory bay limit?.

  [email protected] 21:12 20 Jan 2004

d/l belarc advisor or aida32 run them they will advise you what your m/b is then d/l the manual and all will be revealed

  morden8uk 21:19 20 Jan 2004

The pc is a Packard Bell Club.

Yeah I know what you think (build your own, I did)

The Mobo is a M5sib pegasus. It does state max dimm bay size 128.

Will it hurt to put my 256 pc133 in there?!!... care more for the pc than my memory dimm.

will it provide 128mb for my dad to use??



  Gaz 25 21:24 20 Jan 2004

I myself would not go more than the board stated, some wont mind while others go MAD.

Be careful.

  morden8uk 21:34 20 Jan 2004

just thought it may down grade to 128... not bothered if I lose half the dimm.

Will it hurt to try... i dont wish to kill my dads machine!!


  Gaz 25 21:37 20 Jan 2004

Try at your own risk!

It may blow the board, it may not.

You can be sure it wont show 256 anyway, but as it is the correct pin, it should be Ok. But as said, some board will just rip into flames.

  DAG88 21:46 20 Jan 2004

for the cost of a new 128MB RAM is it really worth taking the risk? They can be bought usually for £15

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