RAM Query

  shaq01 13:03 09 Dec 2003

My PC shows only 32MB RAM when I boot up (prior to the Windows Me splash screen, but a system check using Windows shows that I have 128MB RAM. I should have 128MB RAM. If I go into the settings on boot up this also shows 128MB RAM. Why the discrepancy.

  AndyJ 13:21 09 Dec 2003

Could be for several reasons. If you have an older system you may have Video Shadowing enabled in the BIOS, in which case disabling may help.

If you've installed new RAM and the new ones are larger than the old ones (memory I mean, not physically larger) then did you remember to put the new, larger size into the first bank (0) and then the move smaller into the next slot (1),

It could also be that you have installed SDRAM into a machine that has EDO RAM already in it; or with older systems it may be a clocking problem between the mobo and the RAM or the mobo may not be able to recognise banks >32 MB

  Chegs ® 13:26 09 Dec 2003

I used to have a 128mb graphics card,XP always insisted it only had 32mbs.Occasionally games refused to run stating I didn't have enough RAM on the card to enable it to run.I tried several things(using the system tools,etc)but nothing helped.I eventually found if I entered BIOS,exited again(without altering anything)the card was correctly identified.I never did find the cause/cure,but the prob departed when I changed GC(Ti4600 to Ti4800)so I think its likely the GC BIOS was corrupted(I also tried updating its BIOS only kept getting No NVidia GC installed messages)

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