RAM problems

  User-7F6FF770-BD4F-47E5-9BA55A2F8E7FDFF9 18:57 10 Nov 2005

Hi. I recently built a nw pc using a KV2 Extreme motherboard.

The board has 4 RAM slots, 2 colored blue and 2 colored yellow.

I own 5 sticks of RAM at the moment.

2x256mb PNY 6432WNDXA8G09

2x256mb CBNB2X3003 - not sure of manufacturer

1x512MB PNY - not sure of all details as its not with me right now

All sticks work fine on thier own in any slot.

All pairs work fine together.

The 512MB will work with any of the 256MB if I slot them into slots 1 and 3

My problem is I cannot, hoever I arrange them get 3 or 4 sticks to work together.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  ade.h 21:12 10 Nov 2005

The colours should give you a clue. Your board most likely supports dual-channel DiMMs. That's not to say that your current DiMMs won't work (though a look at the Crucial memory selector to check specs would be wise). I suspect that by adding non-matched DiMMs to more than a couple of slots is causing the problem. If the modules are spread across both the yellow and blue slots, the motherboard will try to treat them as dual-channel, in which it splits data across them. If you keep only one paired bank full and leave the other side empty, that should work. Hope that helps.

  ade.h 21:14 10 Nov 2005

By paired bank, I mean 1 and 3, as you described.

Thanks for the reply.

Since I have 2 matched pairs of 256mb Dimms, shouldnt there be a way of getting all 4 of those to work together ?

Shouldnt 1 pair in the yellow slots and the other pair in the blue work ?

  DieSse 01:43 11 Nov 2005

Put matching ones of each pair into 1&3 and 2&4.

This means that when *dual-channeling* each pair of RAMs will be working together.

  ade.h 15:07 11 Nov 2005

"Shouldnt 1 pair in the yellow slots and the other pair in the blue work?"

No. When utilising dual channel with two DiMMs, you must put one in one bank and the second in the other bank. In other words, they should not be next to each other. If they are directly next to each other, they cannot function as dual-channel. If both banks and all four slots are filled, then that's okay, provided the DiMMs are suitable for that configuration. They will need to match, and may in some motherboards need to be registered.

The Crucial memory selector will help you. click here

  ade.h 15:08 11 Nov 2005

As Diesse describes, a "pair" is not actually next to each other.

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