Ram Problem

  Bam 21:32 21 Jun 2003

Hi, I just purchased another 512mb of ram from Crucial to take my system up to 1024mb.

Both sticks are exactly the same type and I've plugged them into Dimm slots 1 & 2 on my motherboard.

When I boot up, only 512mb is recognised.

I've swapped them around and still only 512mb is recognised?

There are no error messages.

Any ideas????????

  obbit 21:35 21 Jun 2003

what o/s are you using

  Bam 21:42 21 Jun 2003

I'm using Windows Xp Pro

  jazzypop 21:53 21 Jun 2003

What happens when you boot up with only your new Dimm in Slot 1?

Or if you swao the over, so the original is in slot 2 and the new one is in slot 1?

  Bam 22:16 21 Jun 2003

Hi, I've tried all 4 possible combinations

1. New Stick only
2. Old stick Only
3. New Stick in slot 1 and Old stick slot 2
4. New Stick in slot 2 and Old stick slot 1

Any other ideas??

check that all your ram banks are enabled in your BIOS.

and check that a Quick Post is not enabled.

  Bam 23:18 21 Jun 2003

Hi, I disabled quickpost but still no better.

I can't find anywhere in the BIOS that lets me enable/disable ram banks.

I have an Award Bios (Epox mobo)

do you just have 2 slots or is there more? some boards want you to use 1&3, i'm running out of ideas now.

  jazzypop 23:22 21 Jun 2003

Where does it report only 512MB in use? If you right-click My Computer and choose Properties, how much is reported there?

the other thing is to get a multimeter and check the slot but i'd be overstepping my knowledge (without going back to the books) to advise you on that.

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