RAM problem

  Graham. 13:37 03 Jan 2010

I have a dual-boot system with Vista and Windows 7 64-bit.

I have 4 GB RAM. When I check in Computer Properties, in Vista it shows 4 GB, but in 7, it shows 4 GB (3.25 GB usable).

Is there something I should do to correct this anomaly?

  DieSse 23:40 03 Jan 2010

Here is the GX31 intel spec on pdf, which states it only has 4GB memory addressability.
click here

So you will lose some addresses whatever OS you run, and whatever they say, Vista will be the same as Win7 (and XP for that matter).

A chipset limitation means it's irrelevant what software you run, the chipset itself simply only has 4GB of RAM addresses, and since hardware (and in this case graphics) uses up some of them, you'll only ever get around 3 to 3.5GB of usable RAM.

  Graham. 00:16 04 Jan 2010

So if I get a Graphics card with its own memory that would be the answer? Please recommend.

  User-312386 00:24 04 Jan 2010

Nope ~ If thats all your board can address then thats the limit ~ As mentioned in my original thread, it may cause slow down if you use all the RAM. Try it first and see what happens Graham.

  Graham. 00:25 04 Jan 2010

OK. night for now.

  CityGrecian 17:06 25 Feb 2010

I have the G31MX and I can confirm that if you update the bios to the P14 (11/05/2009) version then Windows 7 will see the full 4GB of RAM.

I used Fox LiveUpdate but had to manually download from Foxconn and install using "local update" in the utility to get the latest bios version as the "online update" in the software would not find the latest version.

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