ram prices

  matt5705 21:12 19 Aug 2003

id just like to know why do ram prices go up and down?

  Paranoid Android 21:34 19 Aug 2003

Supply and demand.


  User-312386 21:40 19 Aug 2003

you normally find that in the summer the cost of ram falls, one can only assume the reason for this is that the manufacturer has a surplus of stock or there is new technology around the corner.

I sometimes am baffled why in the summer time it falls as a lot more computers and such-forth are purchased in the winter and one would expect the cost of memory to fall with more people buying.

  wee eddie 22:17 19 Aug 2003

If you know that people are going to buy anyway you can raise the price.

You may persuade someone to buy, when they otherwise wouldn't, by lowering the price.

  Buachail Mór 22:44 19 Aug 2003

click here for Crucial's view of the issue.

  john-232317 22:47 19 Aug 2003

Also depends on national holidays in Thailand, Usa etc.

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