RAM not registering

  sickcat99 23:42 18 Feb 2008

Any help will be great fully appreciated!

I've recently gone to upgrade my pc from 256mb to 2gig. The problem is when I took out the 256 and replaced it in the exact slots with the 2x1gig ram I get beeping noises from my pc and the screen is left blank... I then tried putting in the 2 gig ram along with the 256mb and this loads up fine BUT when I went to check system properties it's still showing up that I only have 256mb.

I browsed the computers manual before the purchase so I know I can upgrade to 2 gig and the speeds are all correct (DDR PC3200 400-MHz 184 pin ). With this I also did a check on Crucial just to be 100% sure with all that reassurance I went ahead about bought some RAM.

Any information I've left out...may not be important!

I have 4 slots 1|2|3|4 apparently I have to place RAM into the 1 and 3 slots or 2 and 4. I did first with the 1 and 3 this was unsuccessful so I place it alongside my old ram in 1 and 3 and placed it in 2 and 4.

Is this down to faulty RAM or another problem?

I have just had another check in the manual :s it says DDR SDRAM PC3200 400-MHz is compatible does that mean that the 2 gig I have bought is now useless?

  Totally-braindead 23:47 18 Feb 2008

You checked the memory requirements with Crucial, did you buy it from Crucial?

If not the RAM is probably the wrong type or is faulty.

  sickcat99 23:50 18 Feb 2008

I didn't buy from crucial, I bought it of Ebuyer and used crucial as my guide basically

  sickcat99 23:51 18 Feb 2008

So my RAM not being SDRAM won't matter?

  Totally-braindead 23:55 18 Feb 2008

It is SDRAM but its either the wrong SDRAM or its faulty.

  sickcat99 23:57 18 Feb 2008

I've put them both in seperately and that didn't work. Can they both be faulty?

  Totally-braindead 23:57 18 Feb 2008

You should have bought the RAM from Crucial. Its not just the type of RAM and the speed of the RAM its things like the parity that has to considered, some motherboards are very fussy.

Of course the RAM could be alright but actually be faulty in which case they will take it back.

  sickcat99 23:59 18 Feb 2008

Thank you your being a great help.

So you advise I send it back and buy of crucial instead?
If Ebuyer give refunds which I'm not sure if they do

  ambra4 00:02 19 Feb 2008

Is it one 2Gb chip or two 1Gb memory chips

If it one 2 GB you can not use you have to use two 1Gb chips

  Totally-braindead 00:03 19 Feb 2008

If its faulty they will certainly take it back, but if its not faulty and you did order the wrong thing they may not.

Can I ask what motherboard you have and also can you provide a link to what you actually bought?

  sickcat99 00:07 19 Feb 2008

It's two 1GB chips

Totally braindead
click here and how do I go about finding out what motherboard I have? :s
I have a Del dimension 4600

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