Ram not recognised

  RussG 20:29 24 Oct 2003

Here's a strange one. Purchased a 256 stick to upgrade from 128. Board can take upto 512 (so it says)

On boot up showed 2 x 128, swopped them round, tried the 256 on its own - wouldn't recognise 256.
Returned to shop who tested it as 256. They suggested that maybe my board would only take 2 x 128 (doubted this but hey I'm no expert). They changed the 256 for a 128 (and gave me a refund)
now its showing as 64.

Any ideas? Is it a fault on the dimm slots or motherboard.

Thanks Russ

What does the motherboard manual say?

  RussG 20:49 24 Oct 2003

Actually the manual says 168 pin 3.3.v unbuffered SDRAM memory modules and it should take 2 x 512.

I can't check the stick right now as its installed, I will check tomorrow and come back if I need further help.

Could it just be a compatibility problem?


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