Ram modules and disappearing HDD memory

  katkins 17:16 17 Jul 2008

I don't know if anybody who's added ram modules to their PC has found that when they did a Windows recovery and reinstalled their software again, their HDD memory was greatly reduced to into something like megabytes.

This happened to me two weeks ago and warnings kept appearing on the screen that I needed to compress my files or remove unused programmes altogether. I did both, but to no avail. The messages kept on.

It started with me doing Smart Restore and after I'd reinstated 99% of my usual software, I finished up with something like 470 megabytes on a 160 gb HDD. To try and correct it, I immediately did a full factory retore only to finish up with the same result.

It then occurred to me that if I was to remove the extra ram modules, it might stop this happening.

On the third attempt, I ended up with 13.97gb of remaining space. I then reinstalled the ram modules at the end and the HDD stayed at 13.97gb.

Now, when I instal new software, I remove the modules first and reinstal them after.

I found, there's no need to do this procedure when uninstalling old software.

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