RAM Memory for Dell Dimension 8200 (11/02)

  TOFF 10:16 13 Dec 2003

Can anyone advise me where to buy RDRAM memory? My computer comes with it and, according to an outfit called Crucial, it seems that I am stuck with it. RDRAM seems to be much more expensive than other sorts. I have been to Dell's 'selector' and have found a baffling array of different modules (supplied by Kingston) , all looking to be much the same but priced quite differently. What should I be looking for? I have 2 RIMM of 128Mb each and would look to double that at least, or could I buy one of 512Mb, leaving one slot free?
As always, any advice gratefully received.

  TOFF 12:56 13 Dec 2003


Thanks for your suggestion. i have installed Aida 32 and it tells me that i have 2 x Samsung RIMM module, RDRAM, 128Mb (4 devices, 32 banks),PC800 (400Mhz)

  TOFF 13:12 13 Dec 2003


Pressed the wrong button. To complete previous message, it is termed SS/Non ECC - what ever that means. Do I have to go back to Samsung for this or can i buy a generic module? If so, i notice that many of them seem now to be 800Mhz. Will i be able to mix and match?
BTW, the Dell site is not really that helpful.

  TOFF 23:48 13 Dec 2003

Thanks very much all

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