Ram memory always at 30-40% load.

  Oskar Friberg 09:18 10 Mar 2018

I have 8 mb of ram memory and 2-3 mb is always used. If I go to taskmanager and add things up that use my ram, I wont even get 1 mb but still it says 30-40% is used. This is under no load at a fresh startup. The problem has come lately a week or two ago. I had this exact problem for a year or so ago but finally I got so tired reinstalled my computer from scratch and I don't want to do that now, so I'll try fix it with your help. The negative impact this has on my computer is for example when i play a game, and it uses for example 5-6 mb of memory its starts to lag and my game freezes once every minute for 1-3 sec. This is really anoying. Please help, Thank you.

  Forum Editor 09:45 10 Mar 2018

"I have 8 mb of ram memory"

That's an incredibly small amount by today's standards, so I think you probably mean you have 8Gb - you wouldn't be able to run a game with 8 Mb.

It's not unusual for Windows to use a substantial amount of RAM - the operating system will pre-load programmes that you use regularly, so they start more rapidly when you want them.

This can be a rather complex issue, and to offer you more specific advice we need to know which version of Windows you are running.

  Oskar Friberg 10:03 10 Mar 2018

yes of course I mean gb instead of mb. I'm running windows 10. I understand that windows want to use memory to start things up faster, but that memory should be freed up when something else is using it. This time is not. Thats why my memory gets full when i play and it start to freeze now and then becuase of the lack of memory

  alanrwood 15:15 10 Mar 2018

Is your graphics card using some of the system memory

  Oskar Friberg 15:46 10 Mar 2018

alan, how do I know that?

  wee eddie 17:41 10 Mar 2018

Just a thought:

It is almost irrelevant how much RAM you are using. Your system will use all it needs at the time.

If it is regularly using 100%, then you need more

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