RAM Memory

  Eddieok666 15:16 02 Feb 2005

Ready to buy some RAM for my shuttle.
There is about £25 pounds diference between 512mb of 'normal memory' and 'Ballistix'. is it justified and will I ever notice the difference.


  Diemmess 15:25 02 Feb 2005

"Its not the money its the principle!"

Unless it is compatible with your present RAM and motherboard, it won't work whatever you spend.

First identify the characteristics of your existing RAM.....Then you can trust the Crucial website to lead you through their tables to exactly what is needed.

  Totally-braindead 15:29 02 Feb 2005
  Eddieok666 15:29 02 Feb 2005

I have been to the Crucial web site. It is on there web site that they have 2 choices. Both are compatable but as I say, different in price.
Just wanted to know why and what was the best choice ?

  dan11 15:51 02 Feb 2005

depends, if you are thinking of having a stonking overclocked flying machine, then go balistix. if you want a good all round machine, then just get the ordinary stuff and save yourself £25. :-) I'd personally go for the ordinary, as I ain't into overclocking.

The balistix can be wound up higher than kingston or corsair memory. A 512Mb dram 0f pc3200 ( 400 mhz)can be wound up to 510Mhz at class latencey 3.
click here

hope this helps.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:51 02 Feb 2005

Go with the standard version and save your money. The nominal clock speed rating for the 2 options is the same. The difference lies in the memory timings, which are shortened for the Ballistix ram. You would not notice the difference without running benchmarks and you would need to replace your existing ram module as well in order to use the shorter timings as both modules will be run at the same settings.

  dan11 15:53 02 Feb 2005

er; should be cass and not class :-((

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:57 02 Feb 2005

As Dan11 says the Ballistix clock speed can be wound up higher but only if your motherboard, cpu and bios allow. On my setup I can only adjust the FSB and cannot adjust the memory clock independantly. Only a very small increase of the FSB is possible before my system becomes highly unstable.

  dan11 16:05 02 Feb 2005

"you would need to replace your existing ram module as well in order to use the shorter timings as both modules will be run at the same settings".

Good point there, something I would not have thought of.

  Eddieok666 16:25 02 Feb 2005

Many thanks


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