RAM ISSUE with my computer

  pavlosnumerouno 09:05 08 Dec 2016

I have a asus m4a89gtd with a x4 phenom 2 955, 3,2 gh, 6gb corsair 1600 mh and a 2gb nvidia 660gt graphics card running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I have had this machine around five years always run well. Until the other day, when I was playing a game the computer crashed, and restarted. I noticed it was running slow after the reboot so I checked task manager, to see if something was hanging the system up. but I noticed I only had 2.gb of usable ram. 4gb had gone missing. So I thought my ram had died, but it still showed in resource manager 6gb installed and also in cpuid. So just in case I brought 4gb of new ram and placed that in the first slot of the machine but it still says 2gb usable ram. and then i replaced the old ram and again in resource manager and cpuid it now says I have 10 gb installed but still only 2gb of usable ram. can you help. I tried an online fix which involved going into msconfig and advanced option, and unchecking maximum memory. Also there was something about memory remapping in bios which said to switch it on, when I looked it was already on. so I left it. hope you can help.

It has 4 dimm slots and supports up to 16gb of ddr3-1333 ram, I have/had 6gb of these corsair cmx8gx3m4a1600c9 in the slots all 2gb, when the problem occurred. I have since purchased a a 4gb corsair cmx4gx3m1a1600c9 but it didn't cure the problem.

  Archonar 10:25 08 Dec 2016

If I remember correctly then Windows can limit the amount of ram available depending on the operating system. So just a few questions, some might seem stupid but just to make sure. Are you 100% that you're using 7 Ultimate? I think the Starter edition limits it to 2gb which is the issue you're having. Have you tried having just the new 4gb ram stick in the pc? I know that some can get funny if you have different RAM sizes.

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