Is RAM the issue?

  staples printer cartridge 20:17 01 Apr 2005

My mum has an old 450MHz pc running XP Home and as you can imagine it is very slow. It only has 144Mb RAM, is this the biggest issue with slowness? I am looking for a quick fix for a few months until a newer model can be sorted out.

  slimbo51 20:30 01 Apr 2005

Yes Ram will be a major issue.
XP needs about 256mb to run ok. 512mb though much more suitable.

Shortage of Ram makes for a hard worked swap file on the H/Drive, which over a period of time will not do it any favours either.

As you would guess the whole machine by today's standards is slow.

Do a defrag and remove all the background running programs as much as you can.

  Paranoid Android 20:35 01 Apr 2005

What is the machine mostly used for ?


  Dorsai 20:57 01 Apr 2005

I suspect that the problem is that you mum is trying to run Xp on a PC that is not up to the job.

It's not just 144Mb ram (that sounds wrong, unless you have on Mobo graphics, but I will let it pass)that is holding the pc back, but the fact that any PC old enough to be 450Mhz CPU is probably just too old to run XP. Full stop. Enf of story. Buy a new PC.

I had 1000Mhz, 512Mb ram, and could not get Win ME to run right.

You Mum is half as slow, 1/4 the ram, and running the OS that repalced ME. No wonder it runs like a sick pig.

A pc with the spec you give should be OK on Win 98. I would not expect it to work on anything more modern. Sorry.

  staples printer cartridge 21:43 01 Apr 2005

I actually have an athlon 1.4GHz with 512 Mb RAM which I intend to let her have but it will be 3 months or so before I travel her way with the computer and was wondering if it was worth putting some RAM in to ease things for her.

I got the 144Mb Ram figure by lookinng at the sytem info in control panel, but have no idea what the mobo is.

  staples printer cartridge 21:44 01 Apr 2005

mostly used for e-mail and word processing, so nothing too taxing.

  Irishman 22:07 01 Apr 2005

Right click on My Computer-select Properties-Advanced-Performance-Adjust For Best Performance.

Then go into the Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services and see if there's anything that can be turned off. Be careful with this and Google anything you're not sure of.

Click on Start-Programmes-Run and type in msconfig. Click on the startup tab and see if there are any programmes starting when Windows starts that can be disabled.

By the way I have Win 2000 Pro running on an old Toshiba laptop with only 64 meg of memory.

  Paranoid Android 22:50 01 Apr 2005

512 Mb of RAM should help it along nicely, combined with a bit of housekeeping (delete temp files, defrag, remove unwanted apps etc.) However with an upgrade imminent, it may be worth hanging on for the time being.


  Chegs ® 23:20 01 Apr 2005
  lukealexander 23:26 01 Apr 2005

Im using an Athlon 700 with 320Mb RAM on Win Xp and it runs made a huge difference from 128mb...

  2020 00:13 02 Apr 2005

i'm managing ok to undertake email, word processing, music downloads and surfing [except tonight] on a p3 5oo with 128 ram on xp

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