[DELETED] 19:41 19 May 2006

Mother Board: ASRock K7S8X. 3.0
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. P1.90 07/11/2003
1024 RAM installed – 2x 512 – 1 slot free

As I had a spare slot on the motherboard I thought I’d upgrade to 2GB of RAM by installing a 1GB stick. Both the 512 sticks are Kingston PC3200 RAM and I bought the same in the 1GB stick.
I changed the configuration so the 1GB was in the first slot and re-booted and got nothing on the screen. I removed the 2 existing 512 sticks & the PC booted fine and reports I have 1024 RAM installed.
Anyone any idea what the problem could be? I have checked on the spec on the motherboard & it should take up to 3GB of RAM. Should it be 2x 1G & not 1x 1G & 2x 512? Or do I need to update the bios of the motherboard, a little wary of doing this as I’ve never done it!
Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 19 May 2006

Have you tried the 512 sticks in slots 1 and 2 and the 1G in slot 3?

  [DELETED] 19:47 19 May 2006

the maximum pc3200 you can use for that board is just 1Gb. That's for one slot or all three. click here

  [DELETED] 19:52 19 May 2006

From the asrock site about your motherboard DDR 266 Max. 3GB
- DDR 333 Max. 2GB
- DDR 400 Max. 1GB
- DDR 3 x DDR, DDR400/333/266

Since your using PC3200 which is DDR 400 it can only take 1 Gig

  [DELETED] 20:07 19 May 2006

Thanks for the replies!
Looks like I should have checked this out!
OK so 2 questions I assume that updating the bios will not change this & that for PC3200 1GB is the max? Could I mix DDR 333 & DDR 400 to get more RAM or would I be best changing to DDR 266 or 333 and using the max RAM possible?
Any idea's on what would give me the best performance?

  [DELETED] 21:30 19 May 2006

Can only guess on the first. I think if you added some pc2700 ( 333Mhz ) ram to the 1 Gb stick of pc3200. It may work or it may not ;-) I think it's 50-50.

To use 2gb you would be better off getting pc2700 ( 333mhz ).

Two things. Do you really need 2Gb of ram, are you heavilly into gaming?

If you do need 2Gb, then you could buy say 1Gb of pc2700. Put this in the first slot and then the 2 X 512Mb of 3200. Configure the bios to suit. If it recognises the full 2Gb, you could then sell the 1Gb stick ( or will the seller swop for pc2700? ).

If it does not show as 2Gb, you could then get another stick of pc2700.

Bit of a faf about, but unless you know someone who will let you borrow a stick of pc2700, any size would do, you just have to guess.

And to put the fly into the ointment. If you think you may some day go to 3Gb, then you will need to buy pc2100.

  [DELETED] 00:52 20 May 2006

OK so what would be best,
1GB DDR400 or 2gb DDR333?
I don't do gaming but do a lot of audio & video editing.

  [DELETED] 07:16 20 May 2006

2Gb of pc2700 will always be faster than 1Gb of pc3200. I don't know if the extra cost would justify what increase in performance you would get. I doubt it. It would also have to take into account what other hard ware you have.

Perhaps someone who video edits could answer that. Or you couls start a new thread on it.

At least you know what the board can now take.

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