ram install not recognised help

  patso 14:47 27 Feb 2006

i have just installed a 256 mb ram card to my pc which has 256mb already in it but my system info tels me there is only 256 installed.the stick is 2700 333mhz 256mb the same as is already in pc.when i reboted after install there was no new hardware message.i am using xp home with sp2 and 40 gb hd any help please

  [DELETED] 14:57 27 Feb 2006

You won't get a new hardware message with additional ram. It's probably either not compatible, or faulty. Take out both of them and put just the new one in the first slot and try it. If it sees it ok then put the old one back in the next slot and try again. If only one is recognised you have a problem with compatibility.
If the new one is not recognised on its own its probably faulty.

  [DELETED] 14:58 27 Feb 2006

Also should have mentioned, make sure they are properly seated in the slots, and that the clips have gripped the chips.

  [DELETED] 15:06 27 Feb 2006

I've had Ram problems with what I thought was 'HD' ram problem (I still dont know)However the actual issue was the stick was not properly installed - the slot was binding, when it was pushed 'home' & the clips secured, actually the mobo had bent & the chip was not making proper contact. This was very hard to see with it in a case. Adding Ram wont give you 'new hardware' message, but should show on the info. Double check installation first. I dont understand this 'high density' memory issue, but if all the specs are right, & installation ok it should work. Some mobos dont like some memory though. Reputable (expensive) manufacturers gurantee their sticks work.

  patso 15:06 27 Feb 2006

thanks i will try again and let you know i only bought the ram yesterday in pc world so i hope i can get a refund as its the same spec as is on pc so i will try again what you suggest .how do i know if it sees the ram.what do i go in to or where does windows show the additional ram.does it pick it up automatically as i might be looking in the wrong placs.thanks for replying

  Diemmess 15:20 27 Feb 2006

Follow Ventanas scheme of just the new RAM in the original slot and see what happens.

You can see basic details in Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System information>System Summary ....."total physical memory"

  [DELETED] 15:28 27 Feb 2006

Compatability can be a problem. I recently ordered 2 x 256mb extra for 2 identical Dell Dimensions. The memory was purchased from PC World. After installation the installed ram on each was still 256mb. So I removed all from both, put the two new PC World items into one, and the two exisiting into the other. Both showed 512mb.

  patso 15:31 27 Feb 2006

ok will do its still showing 256 mb so i will have another try and post back thanks again for the help patso

  patso 15:35 27 Feb 2006

in the progs system info where you told me to look its still 256 so i am going to move the si=ticks around and see what happens i will post back many thanks ps crucial scan is showing 256 as well

  [DELETED] 16:07 27 Feb 2006

Patso....i have to agree with ventanas,i recently bought a 256 module and this turned out to be non compatible.All the specs were the same as the original but for some reason wouldnt work.Best thing to do is as ventanas says,try the new ram on its own first,this will tell you if its dud or not compatible.
You could try this link for the correct memory module. click here

  patso 16:38 08 Mar 2006

thanks lads for the advice and sorry for not posting sooner.i had a pc crash when trying to install the ram .as my pc was still under warranty i got them to put the ram in when they were sorting it out for me.i must have been doing something wrong as they installed it no problem and i now have 512mb in my pc.thanks again for all the info. patso

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