RAM (etc) "Swapshop"

  g40 18:35 11 Feb 2006

I have a stick of RAM and want to swap it for other (different) RAM rather than sell one and buy the other. Does anyone know of such a site?
If theres not one, why not? Wouldn't most of us use such a thing for not only what i have but for other things too. Perhaps the lack of commercial gain would discourage such a site?

  Fingees 19:31 11 Feb 2006

I occasaionally visit computer fairs in my area.

They will sometimes give an allowance for old memory.
The trouble is people only want to swap for a higher value or grade so no takers for the old lower value memory.

Unfortunately old memory isn't even worth the postage to exchange.
All the best.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:34 11 Feb 2006

Ebay and that's about it. I have a drawer full of memory (64 - 256) which are as much use as a chocolate teapot. 512 is pretty much de rigueur these days


  g40 19:55 11 Feb 2006

i can only have one RAM slot filled with pc3200 you see, or all 3 slots with pc2100 (other variations are possible), i verified this with Crucial who kindly suggested the above mentioned optin. And now i must choose to either sell my 512, get a gig of pc3200, or three pc2100 or suchlike, and thats where a swap would have been (i consider) mutually beneficial.

  Dipso 23:36 11 Feb 2006

Came across these in a mag so can't recommend but my be what your after?

click here
click here
click here

  g40 18:02 12 Feb 2006

Thanks for that i will go look at them now, G

  spuds 19:36 12 Feb 2006

A dealer at my local computer fair had a box half full of older type memory chips. Sixty pence each or four for two pounds, with no warranty.

Was looking for PC133X256mb chips, but nothing doing. Must be getting scarce!.

  Halmer 19:42 12 Feb 2006

I've got two PC133x128mb if you want them. Not 256mb tho' sorry!

  Jeff W 19:49 12 Feb 2006


If there are no other takers I would be interested. I have 2 x 128Mb PC133 at the moment and slots for two more. Hw much are you asking?

Jeff W

  northend boy 20:20 12 Feb 2006

1 X 128mb PC133 and 1 X 64mb PC133. Both were working 4 weeks ago when I bought a new bare bones system.:-)

Free to anyone who may want them, please use the yellow envelope.

  spuds 21:45 12 Feb 2006

Halmer+northend boy

Thanks for the very generous offer, very much appreciated. Removed some 128mb and wanted 256mb as replacements.Only two slots on motherboard. Thanks again.

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