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  mooro 13:58 31 Aug 2004

Hello all, my first post and as far as p.c. tech is concerned I'm a little green so bear with me.

Last Xmas I purchased an Advent 3218 from P.C.World. This was supposed to have a fsb of 33mhz and 526mb of pc2700 ram. It was also supposed to have a nvidia fx200 video card, but soon after I purchased it i realised I infact had a fx5600, so wondered if my p.c. was a wrongly badged superior model (result!).

This weekend I purchase 512mb of pc2700 ram to upgrade. Imagine my surprise when the 256 block I took out was actually pc3200.

Now I have a couple of questions. Is the fsb of 333mhz related to the computer's ability to access the ram at a certain speed i.e. is there any point in having pc3200 ram if the bus speed is only 333mhz. Also have I upgraded or downgraded the computer by changing 256mb pc3200 for 512mb pc3200?

Lastly do you reckon I did indeed get a wrongly badges base unit since now both the card and the memory are higher speck then specified.

Thanks for your help.


  JonnyTub 14:16 31 Aug 2004

Front Side Bus (FSB): This is the spead at which the motherboard communicates with the other components.

CPU External Frequency: This is the FSB speed that the CPU operates. This frequency is doubled when referring to the CPU. For example, the Athlon 3200+ is a 400mhz chip, which means it operates at 200mhz FSB. Any future mention of FSB is referring to this setting.

CPU Frequency Multiple: Commonly referred to as the "Multiplier," this number is multiplied by the FSB to equal the CPU Clock Speed. For example, A 133mhz FSB CPU with a multiplier of 15 runs at 1995mhz. (Multiplier * FSB = Clock Speed)

Memory Frequency: Specifies the FSB frequency of the memory. Like the CPU, the FSB is doubled when referring to memory - for example, DDR400/PC3200 Memory operates at 200fsb.

Hope this helps.

  mooro 15:01 31 Aug 2004

Thanks for that and I think I follow most of it.

So if a cpu can only access ram at say 333mhz would that mean that the extra 70mhz or so from a 400mhz ram module would be wasted?

Lastly again, what would you say in terms of the upgrade or not. I initially had 2x 256mb ram modules at 400mhz, now one of these and one 512 at 333mhz. So 768mb ram in total with one module at 333 and one at 400mhz.

Thanks muchly again for the response,


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