RAM Compatibility

  griffon 56 17:22 08 Jun 2005

I've bought a stick of branded SDRAM which does not work. The supplier has told me that I had specified PC133/CL3 RAM whereas PC100/CL2 was the correct type for my mobo, and would therefore make a restocking charge for replacing the apparently faulty stick. I think the supplied stick is faulty and that it may be due to it being a Low Profile stick which I am almost sure I've read is not suitable for PC's.

There are already 2 assorted sticks in the machine, one PC133/CL3/256mb and one PC100/CL2/128mb. Both are recognised by the BIOS and work OK in any slot arrangement.

Am I right in thinking that this the normal state of affairs and that different memory speeds and different CAS latencies don't matter in successfully mixing memory sticks, except that the faster memory is constrained to work at the speed of the lower and at the speed of the mobo's FSB if that is lower too?

I am challenging what the supplier says but I want to know whether I'm on the right track first.

If more info is needed the mobo is a Gigabyte GA-7IXE4 capable of taking 768mb SDRAM in 3 slots, its BIOS default is CL3 and Crucial's Memory Selector recommends PC133/CL3 for it. The machine is running Win98SE.

  alan227 19:18 08 Jun 2005

Yes you are correct in what you say.
So go sort them out.

  sicknote 19:22 08 Jun 2005

Have you tried the new stick of ram on it's own in M/B

  jack 20:20 08 Jun 2005

I reckon as Alan127 sez you have been had over - go sort it.
But get your money back.
Then to be absolutley sure look in at

click here

Download their free MoBo memory checker program and order their reccommended chip.

It comes post free in 24hrs.
No Hassle

  DieSse 21:14 08 Jun 2005

"I've bought a stick of branded SDRAM which does not work"

Does not work in what way?

Just not recognised at all?

The system won't boot with it in?

It only shows half capacity?

The cause may be different in each case.

  DieSse 21:15 08 Jun 2005

PS also

- How much RAM on the stick?

  griffon 56 11:08 09 Jun 2005

Thanks everybody. Yes Sicknote I've tried it on its own and it does not work at all. The machine starts to the point where the RAM is checked, the checking space remains empty, no counting numbers, and there it hangs, not even into the boot process.

DieSse, not recognised at all. The 'faulty' stick is labelled identically to one already fitted and working, a KVR133x64C3/256mb, but it is physically smaller with fewer components between the chips and the edge connectors, a Low Profile version, and I think that this is the problem. Anyhow, thanks for the info, I'll let you know what goes on.

  griffon 56 11:27 09 Jun 2005


I used the Crucial RAM Selector and it recommended 133 RAM. However, I chose Kingston because that was the brand already fitted. A 256mb stick of 133/CL3 was working OK in conjunction with 128mb stick of 100/CL2. However, the Kingston RAM Selector didn't work and because I was short of time I went with the Crucial selection but ordered from Kingston. They don't deal direct but through re-sellers and it's with one of these that I am having the difficulty.

I wanted to take out the 128 100/CL2 and replace it with a 256 133/CL3 to match what was already fitted. The 128 would probably have been left in DIMM3 to make 640mb altogether.

By the way, everybody, the labelling of the DIMM slots on the mobo seems to be wrong. DIMM3 is nearest the CPU and DIMM1 furthest away, but both Belarc and EverestHome151 system analysers list them in the reverse order to that. The machine works OK assuming either arrangement but I thought that it was always best to have the RAM inserted first in the slot closest to the CPU, and any spare slots left furthest away. I'm following Belarc and 151 but it makes you wonder about how reliable mobo labelling is! Any comment?

  DieSse 12:25 09 Jun 2005

I would be pretty certain it's faulty. I don't think "low-profile" has anything to do with it.

  griffon 56 13:33 09 Jun 2005

The supplier is being very cooperative about the problem and has agreed that I can keep the RAM for a week to test it in another machine. They agree that if it shows up faulty again, they will replace it without charge. That seems fair enough, and if it turns out that way I'll let you know who they are. I'll let you know if it doesn't, too, but the wording will be different!

  phono 15:20 09 Jun 2005

Are you saying that the RAM is now working in a different computer?

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