RAM clean up

  golfpro 06:48 02 Jan 2006

Is there a way to clean up your RAM, if so How?

  €dstowe 06:59 02 Jan 2006

Doesn't it clear each time the machine shuts down?

  golfpro 07:34 02 Jan 2006

I'm not sure, the reason I asked this question is, sometimes when I am running a program which needs a lot of RAM memory my computer hangs up. I can only assume that there is too much going on in there.
Also a couple of years ago somebody on the forum suggested installing a Ram Disc, this I did and it is now under a folder "Ram Disc (C:) but all that is in there is hundreds of Cookies.

BtW My OS is XP Home.
Total Ram 512 mb.

  ACOLYTE 11:34 02 Jan 2006

Easiest thing would be to add more ram,xp loves ram it uses it like no ones business.

  SB23 12:15 02 Jan 2006

Try this little free program.Have used in the past,seemed to work.It just simply manages the Ram.
click here


  golfpro 14:23 02 Jan 2006


Thanks will give it a go, but I still think I need a NEW PC.

  SB23 14:35 02 Jan 2006

No problem,I still use it,and never have any Ram probs.
See what you think

  SB23 14:44 02 Jan 2006

Just had a look at my setup,have currently got 512mb of ram,and because of what ACOLYTE said,had a look at my mobo.Imagine my surprise when it says it will support upto 1gb of ram.So if Ram Idle doesn't work,agree with ACOLYTE,put more in.

  Brezza 16:18 02 Jan 2006

I was in the same boat a few weeks ago, i only had 512 of DDR333 in my machine, my programs were hagning/crashng so i turned to RamIdle, wasnt too bad but still seemed to hang the computer when "Attempting" to free up ram...

I bought 1GB (2 x 512) of DDR400 (didnt know my board supportred it lol) and it really did make all the difference, definatly worth investing in, iv had no problems since and had no need for RamIdle :)

  Chegs ®™ 17:04 02 Jan 2006

XP's memory management is sooo much better than previous versions of windows.You shouldn't need to use a 3rd party memory manager.

Restarting the OS is guaranteed to free up RAM,also will clear out any TSR's from the Page File.

  golfpro 19:37 02 Jan 2006

I upgraded my RAM from the origonal 260mb to 512mb last year, my pc will not take anymore so that's out. If things don't work out then its a new PC.

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